Top Hidden Objects Games

Top Hidden Objects Games

Top Hidden Objects Games

Hidden objects games are not that popular as other genres. But they have fans who appreciate good mind-teasers. And those who adore a challenging task that requires logical thinking. As it’s a relatively small niche, it’s hard to find decent toys. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most interesting adventures. These won’t disappoint.

Time Trap: Hidden Objects Game (2015)

Hidden Objects Game (2015)


Welcome to an abandoned city. Of course, there’s a mystery to solve. And a missing journalist to locate. Enjoy the grave atmosphere and top-notch graphics, hair-raising music, and mini-games. Check out the gameplay:

Hidden Folks (2017)

Hidden Folks (2017)

iOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, macOS, Windows, Android

The goal here is to find individuals. Sounds simple? Here’re some facts. First of all, the maps are interactive, and people are moving. Secondly, there are over 300 folks to locate! And about 32 areas to search in… Switch from standard white-and-black visuals to 3 different color modes if you like. Have a look at how nice it is:

The Room: Old Sins (2018)

The Room Old Sins (2018)

Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS

Dive into a strange dollhouse filled with puzzles to solve and objects to spot. Get primed for some chilling content, as it’s a horror adventure. Intelligent design and curious riddles make it a hooking title to play. Watch the trailer:

Grim Legends:The Forsaken Bride (2019)

Grim LegendsThe Forsaken Bride (2019)


It’s a rich on-screen toy filled with mini-games. Rescue your friend. Collect the lost items. Deliver the gift to your sister’s wedding in time. Beautiful animations and mind-blowing objectives engage for quite a long time. Enjoy the gameplay to get the hang of it:

Vampire & Monsters: Hidden Object Games (2019)

Vampire & Monsters Hidden Object Games (2019)

Never play with your food… Well, these vampires don’t follow this rule. They’ve set a trap for you in different rooms. Solve the puzzles, find the necessary items and avoid getting dried out by bloodsuckers. It’s challenging but highly hooking. Have a look at how it works: :

Hidden Objects Games Category: Wind Peaks (2020)

Hidden Objects Games Category Wind Peaks (2020)

This hand-drawn adventure has its own aesthetics. It’s short and won’t let you get bored. A group of kids went camping. Spot the necessary items to activate the next cut-scene. Learn more about the mystery that is waiting to be revealed. Click here to watch the trailer:

Sizable (2021)

Sizable (2021)

21 separate diorama worlds, an excellent soundtrack, and nature sounds. It’s a fresh adventure that offers to manipulate sizes to locate hidden objects. A beautifully designed title and one of the best hidden objects games. The link to the trailer: Step into the absurd world of Skibidi Toilet survival today!