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10 Hidden Objects In Games That Leave You Searching Forever

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One of the most exciting activities when playing a game is finding Easter Eggs. These can be hidden objects, secret levels, extra maps or references to other games. Some of them are in plain sight while others lay concealed in hard to reach places and you’ll only be able to find them if you thoroughly explore a certain area or level. Because we like secrets, today we’ll be presenting a list of the best hidden objects that left gamers searching forever.

Narrator: Davide Arbisi


  1. Fun fact: excalibur is not the sword in the stone

  2. Why was there a condom ad when I watched this

  3. For all the aussies near melbourne, doesn't this guy sound just like Winston with a 'y' ?

  4. My biggest hidden object was the emerald claw. I needed it to get through a door for a quest. Spent I like 20 minutes backtracking the quest trying to find it only to figure out that it was pretty much sitting on a pedastool right next to the door I needed to open .___.

  5. CoD and its teddybears is no news… that shit was all over black ops 2 zombies

  6. In dying light when I was playing I found the sword by accident when I was on the bridge I aw a rock and swam over and got it it is really cool tho

  7. Wait I did not know the hamburger was a easter egg type of thing I have 7 of those

  8. The monty python clip was perfect 😂 😂 😂

  9. I still have an original horadric hamburger that was good back when the store was available

  10. I only searched for the Excalibur for 10 9 mins to find 1 to pull it out

  11. In skyrim i found the staff of Magnus and after completing the last eye of magnes quest I put the staff in my chest in my home put eventually when I came back for it it wasn't there and I was like wtf…

  12. I know that san Andreas secret.

    I know no one cares but still its comment section

  13. I found the San Andreas one on accident after finding the parachute on the other tower lol

  14. I know and found the Skyrim notched pickaxe

    Read more

  15. Why did he shoot the teddy bear…OMG STOP SHOOTING THE TEDDY BEAR

  16. Go to 1:36 if you come here because of the thumbnail
    Youre welcome

  17. Blow the GTA SA Easter egg with satchel charges (dozens of them) it will turn black

  18. 'It's a big farting unicorn that can be used as a gun' awesome.

  19. XD the noisy cricket small gun big explosion Also WHO WANTS TOAST

  20. Call of Duty : Black Ops 2. Campaign level- Celerium. In a small cave near the elevator is Mjolnir, Thor's Hammer. You can't pick it up, but….

  21. Lmao jetpack for that Easter egg in GTA SA. Thats for weak gamers

  22. There is a minecraft reference in borderlands 2

  23. Isnt it wierd. The first thing you do when you find a strange thing is to shoot at it.

  24. there is a hidden cave in morrowing, the elder scrolls 3 game of the year edition in xbox. In this daedric cave you can find very high level full armor at a very low level. The cave is north west of falasmaryon.

  25. I am the prehistoric cocksman the gaming world needs.

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