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10 Most Mysterious Unsolved Objects in Video Games

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Sometimes you find something in a video game that makes you think … how did this get here? Today we’re diving into the 10 most mysterious objects ever found in video games.





Games featured (Spoilers)
No Man’s Sky
Horizon Zero Dawn
Road 96
UB Funkey’s
The Ring: Terror’s Realm
Cave Story
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
Half-Life: Alyx

Clips and References


No Man’s Sky

The Ring: Terror’s Realm

Cave Story

Fan art by LimeSoda

Assistant editor: Cassandra Lipp

Official Clip Capturers: Cassandra Lipp, oddheader, and Evan Hill.

Special thanks to Evan Hill, Poseidon, Granivolus, Maximillan Mackinnon, ghostly, lazy, HajimeTheFool, Doc Evazan, Randi Lubbers, thatowldude, and the monotonist for their contributions to this video.


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  1. The warm socks AREN'T a reference to Horizon's DLC?

  2. Clearly you're meant to give those socks to Dumbledore for Christmas.

  3. Not sure if its been said yet, but I'd like to think the Pool of Forgetfulness is the joke itself. a poorly textured, seem to have been forgotten asset. I'm sure the meaning goes a bit deeper into that though

  4. I love displate they are a bit pricey but Totally worth it. I just finished the game Superliminal not too long ago. Working on my second play through with the secrets on to see if I can find anything else. It’s such an interesting game

  5. Again another video with amazing content found nowhere else !!!

  6. Dude, I LOVE your channel. Always such great uploads!

  7. I honestly I think the mysterious box is a inside joke about how Kojima was originally going studio to studio to find an engine that he would use for Death Stranding and when he went to Guerrilla Games to look at the Decima engine they were so honored that they later sent Kojima a small wooden gift box with a few goodies and a copy of the Decima engine itself

  8. Oh wow, UB Funkeys. Now that's a blast from the past. I still have some of the figures, just sitting on my deck, collecting dust

  9. oddheader seriously called no mans sky "minecraft in space" 🤣

  10. The fleshy thing looks like some monsters from parasite eve 2, and some from Scorn as well, might as well take a look.

  11. id have to imagine the funkeys button thing has to be a club penguin iceberg situation

  12. This guy seriously need to slow the f#ck down when he's talking. Is it autism or something? Cocaine addiction? ADHD? Half way through all his sentences he just starts slurring all his words until everything is unintelligible.

  13. About the Beast's Fang, there is an item in the Binding of Isaac called "Dog's Tooth" and the sprite looks almost exactly the same as the Beast's Fang. The item reveals secret room locations to you with an audible howl sound. Not sure if there is any relation to the two things. Could be a reference maybe? Maybe not.


    fast forward 5 years, someone finally cracks it, and the code translates to: "To stop a gaben.."

  15. Can't wait for Britney to get that Oscar next year!

  16. 16:12 it's an AC powered tube radio. When you pick it up it gets unplugged, like the TVs in HL2.
    And the crash could be many things, but my gut tells me the radio model might cause it from being too detailed. Too resource intensive to render and such, and if there's other heavily detailed models in that area, it crashes.

  17. There is no arg
    There is no cake…………………

  18. WOOO I'M 900000TH TO WATCH THIS! also gg bois you got better content

  19. I'm pretty sure the warm socks are just a reference to the idea of simple luxuries in a post apocalyptic world. Sort of a dark joke, I guess? Like, remember that scene everyone knows from The Road, where they find a sealed Coke can and it's all super special and stuff? I mean, shoes are a pretty big deal in Death Stranding, too. Maybe the joke is that a pair of warm socks would be a real luxury for Sam, but they somehow ended up in an entirely different post-apocalypse.

  20. Also, the silver ring in the crazy Ring spinoff game says it apparently belonged to Sadako Yamamura, who is the OG Ring girl. So, pretty sure that's just a standard egg, referencing the origin of all Ring related fiction. It feels like a bit of a Japanese pun, too. You found Sadako's literal ring. That's funny to me, anyway.

  21. 1:44 might be an easter egg to Bloodborne. The giant blob thing is Kos and the pram is Mergo from Nightmare of Mensis.

  22. For some reason, first thing that the Numbers Stations reminded me of is the "real look" of Biblical Angels.

  23. I appreciate when a YouTuber does more than read a Wikipedia page to me.

  24. YOU FOOL! I know what Funkees are! I had them as a kid!

  25. Before release:
    Dev1: Dude, check out this crazy thing I made!
    Dev2: Holy cow man thats hilarious!

    After release:
    Dev2: You didn't take that thing out of the game files? A player found it and now there's all sorts of crazy speculation surrounding it.
    Dev1: With the crunch I forgot, lets just tell them the truth, it was a joke.
    Dev2: No… we'll tell them nothing.

    Tens of thousands of pages of fan fiction and hundreds of speculation videos later:

  26. C'mon man,
    You know what those panties are for.

  27. Curly's panties in the original Cave Story are just a fun little easter egg. In Cave Story +, it enables you to play as Curly Brace, one of the main protagonists of the game.

  28. For the No Man’s Sky Easter egg, I believe that it’s galactic coordinates for a certain place, but I’m not too sure

  29. The blob of human parts might be a reference to the National flesh pit park it’s a creepy pasta thing

  30. The pool of forgetfulness? sounds like the spring of forgetfulness (or something like that) from greek mythology, is it possible that the cave is supposed to be the cave of trophonius

  31. The beach level in accounting+ is a bloodborne reference btw, it’s supposed to kos and the battery is “the orphan of kos”

  32. Rest in peace to Régis Hauser, also known as Max Valentin, I hope he's happy knowing that his little secret will take a really long time to be found.

  33. I'm waiting for oddheader to add a sound stinger in his video where instead of the usual eery sound he replaces it with fart reverb or "bruh" reverb

  34. Man I hope you find something cool in Alex cuz I don't have the money for a quest yet

  35. pixel did not make cave story 3d. he has absolutely nothing to do with that game or, really, any of the cave story remakes/ports. Nicalis did them and they are a terrible company.

  36. The warm socks are most likely just a dead-ended easter egg. Referencing the fact that a pair of warm socks is probably something that Sam would work damn hard for considering his job and no-nonsense nature, and not actually meant to do anything beyond that.

  37. Who else thinks oddheader looks loke Ron Weasley from Harry Potter ?

  38. The one from the thumbnail reminds me an awful lot of David Lynch's film Eraserhead.

  39. Holy fuck I was just thinking about UB funkeys 2 days ago but I couldn’t think what they were called to search for them on google

  40. With what britney went thru in these last few years she deserves every award in 2023

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