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[ Adam Wolfe ] Story driven hidden object game – Episode 1

Gab Smolders
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  1. Wow! Just came here to see some gameplay and get an idea if I should buy the game since I pickup Artifex Mundi games. Did not realize you played this 7yrs ago.

  2. whoever said always go left makes bad life decisions lol. JKJK. But Im glad I found this. Trying to find games for my wife. Hopefully she hasn't already played it.

  3. This was really a different kind of HOG, if you can call it that, but it was a good story. Thanks Gab!! Off to find my next adventure!! ❤❤

  4. The developers of this game just developed new game called Scars Above. Will you play it?

  5. This is giving me Dylan Dogg: Dead of Night vibes…lol

  6. hey i really like your videos. my favorites are the last guardian gameplay videos. they were great. your doing a great job

  7. i love you <333 you make me laugh and happy when I'm sad

  8. Hi GaB,

    Love your walkthroughs and commentaries. I think Adam Wolfe would be great but I'm still waiting for two of your other game walkthroughs: MGSV and the Uncertain. I think the walking dead and the wolf among us would also be great for the channel.

    Also, have you thought of playing Castlevania: Symphony of the Night? It'll be such a great game walkthrough GaB.

    Keep up the good work girl and Cheers!

  9. i just watch castle is very good. and this game its good too more

  10. Hey! Maybe you get asked about this often. If so, sorry. I'm new to this channel. I just wanted to ask how did you learn and improve your Japanese? I'm into the fifth advanced level of Japanese somehow and can barely do anything with the language.

  11. are you going to play kingdom Hearts 2.8

  12. I just watched a random ass video of some other streamers that had a clip of you nearly getting taken out by a deer headbutt.

  13. As always love it, you should play the next "Rise of the Tomb Raider" love your lets plays they make my day!

  14. Gab: "I do want my sparkles."

    Don't we all, Gab. Don't we all.

  15. I hear people in Japan love to ride giant cocks during a cock festival…

  16. I don't know why but the opening reminds me of Max Payne

  17. its a pretty fresh take on this kind of game, kind of reminds of wolfe among us, but less fairytale characters, and less drugs, and less swearing…

  18. This is the most interesting hidden object game i have seen, but that running animation in the beginning had me laughing.

  19. i dont like feng she didnt like adam to beging with.

  20. 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  21. This is the opposite of Hope Lake.
    Hope lake was all puzzle barely story this is all story barely puzzle.
    Combined they would be super hidden object game: Hope Wolfe!
    Or Adam Lake….

    Adam Wolfe's Lake of Hope?

  22. thank you gab for th video gme …ar you cute girl ..good jb ..

  23. From where did you download all the games for free?

  24. Hearing Gab's cat purr into the microphone is so cute.😭

  25. I'm watching all of your hidden object games from 5 years ago. Ehehehe. ❤️✨

    I hate to play this kind of game because it gives me headache but when someone else play these kind of game, it is fun to watch. 🥰❤️✨

  26. Lincoln St.. it says Lincoln Way.. that’s not the same thing.

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