ASMR | Hidden Folks [whispered hidden object game] -

ASMR | Hidden Folks [whispered hidden object game]

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If you enjoyed watching me play this game, you can get it on Steam! (not sponsored, just think it’s a cute game)

Let me know what videos you’d like to see next 🙂

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  1. I bet this looks great on a 4k monitor! Makes it a lot easier too, I bet.

  2. Kinda hard to relax when I'm yelling "he's there, look there, he's right there!!!"

  3. I love your voice, you are beautiful! ♡

  4. 💖💖💖 every time you release a video it goes straight until my watch later so i can watch it before bed 🙂

  5. Knew I was in trouble when I tried to use my mouse on one of the scene's characters. :-/

  6. amazing game, very relaxing. A part 2 would be awesome!

  7. Could you do more Papers Please videos? I really loved watching you play it in your Gamefest video

  8. I just found your channel and I'm SO glad!!!what a great game…I L❤VED IT!
    I agree with you 100% that the sound effects are ADORABLE. 😊

  9. You dont know how many times I stopped the video trying to click on a place you missed….

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