bakeshop 2 hidden object game 30 sec v1 -

bakeshop 2 hidden object game 30 sec v1

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My Bakeshop Hidden Object is back with an exciting new twist! Featuring My Bakeshop 2 with tons of scrumptious bakeshop scenes for continuous hidden object game play. And like a mouth-watering icing on the cake, you get to build-up and design your very own bakeshop! Customers are excited to see you match the cake of their dreams! Earn coins for every satisfied customer. Play hidden object scenes to earn more coins and stars.

Look at what is in store for you!
– Play a hidden object game for a different relaxing challenge.
– Design hundreds of combination of cakes for your customers!
– Customize your bakeshop the way you want it!
– Lots of furniture and equipment that you can choose from.
– You can even design the walls and the floors.
– Unlock more items by playing hidden object games and gain stars.
– Gain stars from scores that will also unlock new scenes!
– Pinch the screen to have a better view of the area you are trying to search on.
– Use hints to help you find the objects you need.
– Different game modes like silhouette, words and picture!
– Variety of difficulty and levels that will definitely keep you challenged!

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  1. How can I get this game to play on my iPad. It does not play on the on my iPadeither. I moves so fast as a viewing not to play. Please place it on my So that I can see it better.

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