Bonfire Stories: Manifest Horror-hidden object game (Beta) no commentary -

Bonfire Stories: Manifest Horror-hidden object game (Beta) no commentary

Cristi Nicola
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Mariaglorum Company proudly presents Bonfire Stories: Manifest Horror, the suspenseful new tale in the chilling Bonfire Stories series!

Alan’s letter sounded desperate, but Caroline found something far worse than she expected when she came back to town to help him. Now, with Alan missing, a foreboding fog blanketing the city, and past secrets piling up, Caroline must use her wits to stay ahead of the terrible evil lurking inside the fog. If you love Hidden-Object scenes, this is the game for you!

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  1. ツ Iulia Music & ツAndrei Nita Music Family says:

    Un joc frumos si captivant!!!Cool!

  2. 애견웹드라마 [원어나더] 탄식빵tv로 오세요 says:

    77👍🧡🙋‍♀️Awesome 💖

  3. ( *´•ω•`*)/
    Thank you for the amazing video! Have a happy day ☺️👍✨

  4. Love how it pops things open and enlarges them when you click. I feel like that mechanic gets lost sometimes with point and clicks. Loving this on Cristi!

  5. conferindo aqui mais um conteúdo de primeira , sucesso sempre

  6. Well game👌new friend here stay connected 👌👍🔔👈

  7. Bonfire Stories: AWESOME VIDEO.very good graphics

  8. This is great 🔥💜
    LOVE IT ! Have nice week end !

  9. Very good gameplay as usual!

  10. Another wonderful video, my friend, and I hope you're doing well. Like 87, still subbed, and wishing you a fantastic day!

  11. Great video and amazing gameplay, my friend. Take Care and Big 👍🏻

  12. Heyhoo Buddy excellent Upload really enjoed it to watch Thumbs Up ^^

  13. Amazing 😊 Have a wonderful day 😍

  14. nice video my friend, keep up the good work

  15. Excellent dear friend and interesting as always👍✔️🍀

  16. Fantastic and adorable performance! I very enjoyed it💕Good dear friend💔✅

  17. Great game

    I enjoyed the video.

    Have a happy day.

  18. Nice game play
    Droped a like
    Have a nice day

  19. good bonfire stories manifest horror hidden object game gamepaly

  20. Magnificent game session with Bonfire Stories, congratulations for the fantastic video. 102

  21. Amazing

    Nicely done my friend thanks for sharing

    Good luck 😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️

  22. Very nice game and video:)
    Regards! Have a nice weekend!

  23. Very cool vidoe Cristi!
    Do be providing that sweeeet content!
    I have to say these click games not really my jam! but can't stop watching!

  24. We love these games! A big like from us!

  25. Story is good in Bonfire stories and thanks for sharing Cristi.

  26. One of the good hidden objects games! I like the Bonfire Stories! Well played Cristi!

  27. man why do most hidden object games look exactly the same, i can't even tell them apart

  28. 🌺Good morning🌺
    …….So scary sounds😵but I enjoyed watching videos✨
    Have a happy day💚❤️

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