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[ Bonfire Stories: The Faceless Gravedigger ] Hidden object game

Gab Smolders
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  1. youtube recommendation randomly brought me back here LOLguess i'm gonna rewatch it

  2. That was a really great HOG! It cracks me up, everytime the story is like hurry up, but do all these puzzles first!! Love it Gab!! Off to find my next adventure!!❤❤

  3. Me: existsMy brain:The Acid: oh no smooth jazz, my only weakness noooooooo

  4. No need to say this but….. this is her least viewed vid

  5. Is it wrong that when I saw 305 at 1:52:00 I just thought "They buried Pitbull too!?"

  6. the sheriff sounds like the lady that voiced Nancy Drew in all the older games.

  7. These videos are always good to relax to

  8. The most gorgeous gamer in the multiverse.

  9. Of course I'll watch this video with that title after 12 midnight. Of course. Gotta continue the traditio at this rate.

  10. This game was so much fun! Can't wait for the next HOG!

  11. Interesting gameplay 😂😂…. And sometimes police doesn't believe you because they didn't freaking and experienced of what happened to you😂😂😏

  12. This reminds me a little of murder in the alps I played it for a bit it was so atmospheric I love these kind of games x

  13. lol I tried tapping the screen when I noticed the last piece.
    I don't know what makes this a bigger derp, the fact that I forgot I was watching a video for a second or the fact that my computer isn't a touch screen.

  14. I had never heard about this game before. Love these kind of games, so simple yet so addictive.
    By the way i would love to see a gameplay from Wolf Among Us, i think you would like this game.
    Sorry for my english.

  15. Yesterday i was thinking "Man, it's already been two months without any Hidden object let'splays… how i miss them :(" and today here they are again =D

  16. I loooved this game so cool as always love watching you play 🥰😍

  17. If anyone for some reason (like me not have a pc ) want to play this game . There are a Mobile version of it . Sadly only Faceless GraveDigger have mobile version

  18. Uhhh, seeing you playing the broken swords adventure games would be so funny 😀

  19. The variety of the games you play is just absolutely perfect! I love how every time one style of game starts to get stale, you switch it up at just the right time! Shank youss!

  20. It’s be awesome if you played the mystery puzzle game on DS called “Theresia “ or “Hotel dusk” or “Trace memory “

  21. Wow, I purchased this game from Big Fish Games, a while back, and I played it to the end. I really enjoyed this game, it makes me want to play it all over again! It seems that we have the same taste in hidden object games. I also love all the other games you play. You're an amazing gamer, Gab. Have a great day!.

  22. Hey Gab, I just wanted to say your hidden object playthroughs are some of my favorites of yours; they’re so calming and your enthusiasm never fails to entertain 😊 I hope you have a great day!

  23. Hi Gab, the game SilverLoad is a really cool game similar to this style. It would be awesome to see you play it.

  24. somwho the game reminds me bit lik fatal frame

  25. Hello Gabu San. Again apologies I didn't look in to the length of this game when I sent that video of top 10 horror hidden object games I linked in Discord, sorry it was shorter than other HOG's, but i'm happy you enjoyed it so much 🙂 and it was lucky it was in sale. It was enjoyable to watch. It was funny how I said in the stream I wondered if the spray made a flame thrower and then right after you found out it was. I got embarrassed when you said 'good one Kylie', lol, even though i'm a grown women!. The officer lady is pretty and her voice is awesome.

  26. Your dimples are far too cute!💙
    Love the content!💙💙💙

  27. is this game a series? If it is are you going to play the rest of them in it.

  28. I swear, if I made a game where you collect items like this, the PC would keep everything that a sensible person would look at and be like "you know, I should hang onto this, I might need it again later". Maybe a hidden inventory that useful things pop out of automatically or a collection in their car trunk or something.

  29. 36:32 Who else has honestly, unironically, used a camera with one of those square flash bulbs???

    … And yes, Gab, using ammonia, smelling salts, or other strong and/or offensive smells can and often are used to bring people back from fainting. A dash of cold water or a sharp slap often works well, too, as they VERY QUICKLY stop the mind's in-the-moment "freaking out to the point of not effectively breathing" focus or ultimately fainting, and forces people to SUDDENLY focus on something else, like breathing. It is also a great training lesson to practice with your dog(s) and other animals; snapping them out of non-preferred behaviors. 😎 😆

  30. are you still going to play the other games or was it for privaye stream or i just simply couldn't find it? either way, yes! it's so fucking fun

  31. Hello Gab I am new on your channel 😀 I love hidden object games they are so fun to solve

  32. In the end the Gravedigger turned into the beast, because you killed the previous one. It said that the one who kills the beast is destined to become the new Gravedigger. And that the old one stays by the new one's side in the form of that wolf to guide them.
    So you, the player, kill the beast and then become the new Faceless Gravedigger 😀

  33. Out of all puzzle types, my least favourite is the sliding tile puzzles but she made 44:30 look easy

  34. I am not going to lie, I completely forgot about our little intern. I thought the story changed when we went to the bonfire and the kid was acting as new storytelling with the same villian

  35. I'm hoping HOG creators are watching your streams and making games where you get to keep tools next time lol

  36. Ah yes. HOG's, where a rando using silly string, old paperclips and a picture of a motorboat fix bridges. Instead of the county doing it. XD

  37. Lol, i played this one! It was awesome. 👍😁

  38. 😍 love love binge Watching your hidden object vids 🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍

  39. Was that an “it will come back” lyric I herd!?

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