Bright Hidden Objects Games (by Cleverside) IOS Gameplay Video (HD) -

Bright Hidden Objects Games (by Cleverside) IOS Gameplay Video (HD)

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Have you ever opened a book with the expectation of finding all its secrets? Sounds intriguing?

Then welcome to Bright Hidden Objects.

Bright Hidden Objects is a conceptually new game mechanic that sets it apart from all others. The main goal is to find the hidden objects in the picture and collect the puzzle.

However, you are given a unique opportunity to test your detection and concentration skills to see how many objects you can find and at the same time enjoy the opportunity to try author’s, colorful and dynamic content that you can choose every day to suit your mood!

No Limits.
No Timer.
No Stress.

Just a new bright world filled with unforgettable pages of impressions.

New game levels have become several times larger.
Try to find man on bicycle on a huge yacht, which stands in the port on the embankment with dozens of shops or the disgruntled fan at a stadium among thousands of spectators.

Try it now!
It won’t be easy!

P.S. We have prepared this fantastic adventure for you with great trepidation and love and we dream to share this masterpiece with you, therefore
Bright Hidden Objects is free to play and free to download!

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