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[ Castle: Never Judge a Book by its Cover ] Hidden Object Game – FINAL

Gab Smolders
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  1. Gab I have been watching your videos to get me through stuff recently, especially your hidden objects, and I have obviously dived DEEP into the channel

  2. I swear the music in this game matches music from Stardew…

  3. This was fun!! Castle was one of my favorite shows. Watched every season!! Thanks Gab for another great video!! Off to find my next adventure!!❤❤

  4. I feel like this was okay as a generic HOG, but terrible as a translation of an episode of "Castle". Not enough of the humorous banter between characters, and I feel like they should've found some way to integrate some meta-humor about the way that HOG mystery solving is different from how the show does things into the story. (Like all the stuff you mention about how HOG "detectives" totally contaminate every scene by moving items between them to solve weird puzzles, many of them locks that make Raccoon City architecture look positively straightforward.)

  5. I came from watching your Nancy Drew playthrough last week. Still love your content even 4 years in the past!

  6. Hi, would you like to try to record a few videos of you playing a highly competitive game (ie. Rocket League, Counter Strike: Global Offensive) that'd be a great change of pace from all the point and click games (not saying they're bad, though)

  7. did you watch the castle tv show it was ok you should watch it.

  8. I think maybe streaming is the way way to play hidden object games so you have people to help you out with finding things and the puzzles! I've never been on twitch before but I gotta check out your streams one of these days. 😊

  9. Are you gonna play Enigmatis 2? The mists of ravenwood one? It's even better than the previous one, the artwork is gorgeous.

  10. I adore your cats!! Especially the one always trying to touch your face and give you kisses. So cute!!

  11. What did you use to record your screen?

  12. Please, no more crunchy food. The eating sounds were too much. Your microphone picked up everything. Obviously you need snacks while streaming, please pick quieter foods. I had to skip so much of this video to get to when you stopped eating the candy. It’s like nails on the chalkboard for me. I love your hidden object videos, just prefer when you eat chocolate without the candy coating so I’m not getting crunching and chewing straight in my ear for an hour as you go through the bag.

  13. I mean, who doesn't fall in love with Nathan Fillian

  14. Hahaha, having worked with concrete like that, one chalice of regular water wouldn't have changed ANYTHING, but maybe it's the Holy Water that helped you out so easily! I STILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE your videos and cannot get enough of them… And you; "you are absolutely delightful, darling!)! 💜

    Your HOG stream videos pique my interest so much while keeping it overall chill, calm, and fun-filled (💜💜💜 your enthusiasm & voices) allowing literal hours pass that my brain & body to forget about some of the pain sometimes, which is awesome!!!

    😈 Also, though I'm branching out to other new things through you, you can tease Seán that one of his faithful, loving followers has decided to NOT watch HIS Subnautica, as I'd planned to do very soon; until I enjoy YOURS for a while (ALONG with MANY of your other HOG playthroughs)!!! 😉😆🤘 You make me actually laugh out loud so much, which is very rare when I'm alone, a trait you both share, so I just wish to say a HUGE THANK YOU to a wonderfully amazing young lady, straight from the heart, soul, and mind of a very happy and blessed follower… And since I'm not fortunate to send you anything in real life, here is a yummy, DELICIOUS snack fest! 💜🍫🍬 🍔🍟🍧🙃😎💜

  15. 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

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