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[ Christmas Stories: Nutcracker ] Hidden Object Game (Full playthrough)

Gab Smolders
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  1. A little late, but the last doll was to the left of the tree stump by the small Christmas tree where you melted the ingot 3:11:37. Love your HOG playlist

  2. It's funny, guess for lack of a better term, hearing the music after having watched/played What Remains of Edith Finch. IYKYK.

  3. This game doesn’t make sense like they are rats you can just stomp on them

  4. These talking creatures are more terrifying then any horror hog.

  5. Where are you at was streaming and who was that guy coming in from visits not Sean where do u have ur studio recording at I thought I do at home but unless out in area to do ur video

  6. If I'm stuck and can't figure out I would skip that's why a skip button and once know what it was and play again than know how to do of a hint clue

  7. Hi there! Recently I’ve been thinking of recording my own playthroughs of HOGs and was wondering – what do you use to record?

  8. If you get stuck just like when play a game and hard don't understand I skip

  9. Just the perfect thing to get me all cosy for Christmas! I really liked the gameplay GaB, and merry Christmas 🙂

  10. You should try Mystery Case Files Gab, especially the Ravenhearst series. 🙂

  11. I love hidden object games
    Especially from artifex mundi game company l

  12. have a nice Christmas i hope you don't have to work Christmas day like i do

  13. It's really not to smile watching this.

  14. The last doll was under the stairs in the Library  xD

  15. as far as the silver, since most of the world's currencies are slowly devaluing because of inflation, silver isn't actually becoming more valuable, but it will exchange for more money the further you go, there are fluctuations, and people speculate in metals, gold and copper, and a few others can change daily and even hourly.

  16. honestly, I love how the game looks. it's really pretty!

  17. Oh this reminds me of acouple games in playing, one on the NDS called "Hidden mysteries vampire secrets" and the other on PC called "Mystery case files Ravenhearst". Pretty cool

  18. You missed on in the room with the chritmas tree left to the knight armor one stands

  19. The last doll was where you made the Amor for the nutcracker. To the left

  20. Philosopher's Stone! It's called the Philosopher's Stone, not the Sorcerer's Stone. You'll never defeat the Rat King's magic if you can't get basic alchemy right, Magical Talking Nutcracker.

  21. Lol Your face when you found the candle guy haha freakin Gab. Cx

  22. The music in the library sounds like some legit dark ambient stuff, like something the label Cyclic Law would release.

  23. i like the carebears: the nutcracker movie

  24. I LOVE hearing BB purring while you're playing; it's so nice to be able to hear purring so "closely" again! Very unfortunately, I became severely allergic to my son's cat, who used to purr so loudly, it sounded like she was a high-powered engine that we could hear clear across our living room! Oh, and she was so amazingly soft! She would stalk her prey (our laps) like she was a lioness on NatGeo… And would take her chance the split-second anyone let their guard slip even a little… And it has always been hilarious to watch! … BUT she HATED being taken off of anyone (vs HER deciding to leave), so she used to "drop her weight" so that her entire body would be trying to cling and mold to you, no matter how you were trying to pick her up to set her down elsewhere! 😂

    The allergies to cats, though, are one of an ever-growing line of very unfortunate side effects of my continuing and worsening health issues that have, with even greater sadness, also caused me to become allergic to my sweet little dog I rescued (ultimately for us to be the "emotional support" equivalents to each other as we both needed it). Luckily, our dog and cat spent years together in town and absolutely love each other, so they've adjusted fairly well to country life and have plenty of space to roam and people to love them… Along with innumerable spaces for them to hide out whenever they feel the need. 🐱💜💚🐶

  25. 2:32:10 And thus is born King Midas and his Golden Touch! Quickly now, everyone break off a chunk so we can smelt him into bars!!!

  26. "…In case money isn't used anymore…"
    Laughs in 2020 American

    2016 was a simpler time…

    Also holyshit I made it past Hope Lake! Achievement get!
    Next achieve is having my own twitch babby. I'll have to remember that in four months.
    Any name suggestions future commenters?

  27. Watching all these cozy HOGs to keep me company through quarantine! Thank you for doing longplays, it's so nice to have a video company for longer than half an hour ❤️

  28. Can you make a playlist of your Christmas play throughs? I didn’t realize it was such a big annual thing you’ve done for so long!

  29. I doubt I’m the first to notice, but is Gab’s Santa hat the same used in recent years? (2020).

  30. Favorite Christmas Movie: Christmas Vacation. Always. LOL! I watch it every year.

  31. I saw the title on this one and I got really excited cause I remember playing this HOG with my grandma when I was little

  32. me, half asleep watching Christmas cozy videos
    "this year Christmas is just me and my husband"
    bolts awake, didn't know gab was married (new-ish fan)

  33. @Gab Smolders
    I didn’t know you were a fan of Bill & Ted.

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