Christmas Stories: The Christmas Tree Forest - Hidden Object Game -

Christmas Stories: The Christmas Tree Forest – Hidden Object Game

Gab Smolders
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  1. This year was the very first Christmas that I've spent on my own, and if anyone had asked me a year ago, I would have said that would be depressing AF, but I've spend the last couple of days making my favourite foods, my favourite festive drinks and watching your Christmas playlist and it has been so much fun! Thank you for being a bright and lovely part of my very first Christmas alone, these videos have been so much fun. Lots of love, hope your holiday has been filled with joy! <3

  2. Yes! One of my favorite holiday traditions! Gabby's holiday hidden object gameplay!

  3. 0:07
    I'm already in a laughing fit due to the absurdity of the premise for the game.

    Mom went Christmas shopping and was never seen again. LOLOLOL🤣😂🤭

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to both you and your family, I do hope it's a good one.

  5. HOG games always seem to be so well drawn and colored. They're always so pretty

  6. Only Hidden Object games have that special atmosphere that none of the AAA or AA titles can bring. That's why I love'em.

  7. Shes pretty. There's a time and place for biting your lip

  8. I'm wondering if you've ever played the game Amber journeys beyond
    It's a ghost game kind of like my friend's game dark file Jonathan
    Made both are programmed with micromedia director which is now Adobe director

  9. I just found you through YT suggestions cause I play a lot on Nancy Drew. I literally own all of them so it's awesome that you played some of it.

  10. The goblin with a christmas gift helmet is straight up a souls boss

  11. Merry belate Christmas ⛄🎄. Enjoy your day and your family. You're best Gab. 🙂🙏

  12. I'm so happy you kept the tradition going! Thank you for being a part of our 2020 gab!

  13. Hi gab I love your channel you are so sweet and loving and I love your cats I found some hidden object games that I thought you would like I will send you them my name is Hailey

  14. So glad this video is posted on YouTube as I missed the Twitch stream while at work. So fun to watch this on Christmas morning with my husband in your "It's a hoodie" sweater with a cup of coffee. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

  15. That was a really chilling stream. I really love this one here. So much nice colors. And the animations are great. Also the music in this game. Thank you for uploading Gab. Thumbs up for you.

  16. I'm having the worst time ever since a week ago but your videos makes me forget that. It doesn't solve the problem but jesus at least I can smile. Thank u so much!

  17. Love love LOVE it!!!!
    Hugs from Norway🇳🇴

  18. Gab getting excited about things like eating chocolate and making cookies is honestly my favorite to listen to. I feel like I’m listening to my friends talking about things.

  19. Such a colorful game…. and I cannot blame you for wanting to eat the cupcake. XD Happy Holidays, Gab. 🎄 🌟 Hope you're enjoying this wintry season and stay safe.

  20. This looks so cool I want to buy it and play it! It looks so soothing!

  21. Missed the live stream but catching up now on Youtube! :3 Merry Xmas and happy holidays~

  22. I just finished the Eventide series of HOGs and I think you would absolutely love them. They are so pretty and charming, with good puzzles. Look them up and see what you think!

  23. Come for calm Gab content, stay for BB.
    New to the channel, but adore you already~

  24. terrible storyline! gab and BB were the only things that made it worth watching

  25. Merry christmass:D and i loved the bb cam:3 it was so cute x3

  26. Anyone else get annoyed when she missed the puzzle piece on the sign twice? XD

  27. Merry Holidays (since I'm posting this after Christmas)!^_^ Completion is satisfying^______^

  28. This is it. This is the most wholesome thing on YouTube.

  29. Ze worden inderdaad kattenstaarten genoemd, of rietsigaren. De offifciële naam is inderdaad Lisdodde

  30. "Lisdodde" is high Dutch, in Brabant we call them "sigaren".

  31. merry xmas and happy new year gab u guys stay safe and stay warm

  32. gab: here you go! i'm sure you're not gonna do anything evil with it.

    evil sorceress: "hahaha tricking you was too easy >:)"

  33. Watching this after eating our new year food since I have work (at home!) and I feel sleepy xD I'm not that much of a gamer and I love LOVE HOGs and was delighted to see this on my feed just to find out there's a playlist for it! I can't stop smiling when you let chat find the items on the hidden objects part, so reminiscent of back when my older sister was living with us and she has this small laptop and we play HOGs in it, we huddle together with her daughter (my niece) and look for items just like you and chat did xD

    My favorite HOGs series of all time is definitely the dark parables series, if you haven't checked it out please do! And The Room series too, I didn't get to play The Dark Matter because it's on VR xD

  34. My roommate watched this with me and started to get super into it. Shouting and pointing at the screen – he said it was like a grown up Dora the Explorer xD

    Both he and his boyfriend really appreciate how interactive with chat you are. I'm glad I am now in a household where I can bring up your channel/videos and everyone knows who I'm talking about.

  35. Each time the goblin comes on all I can think of is "Swiper No Swipping!" Lol

  36. Can't wait to celebrate the new year with you and Seans content Gab! I wish ye all the best for 2021 and BB too! 💕🌈🌸😙😙

  37. lol gab said little kitten and BBs head shot up lol

  38. Not a great video for my phone to play at 144p lol I can't see shit but I still got that spirit hahaha

  39. I didn't realize hidden object games are this awesome. 😍💗

  40. your commentary is wonderful until you start cursing which ruins it. It would be much better if you stop the foul language.

  41. when Winter said "…with my sleigh." I thought she was saying "…with my slave." I guess I have some shitty hearing xD

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