Create Hidden Objects Game in 1 Hour | Unity 2D Tutorial -

Create Hidden Objects Game in 1 Hour | Unity 2D Tutorial

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Hidden Objects games have been one of the most loved genres on mobile devices. Hidden Objects games casual gameplay and awesome graphics have made it playable by wide audiences. So get ready guys in this tutorial we are going to create an awesome Hidden Objects game.

Unity 2D tutorial for the beginner. Learn to create a simple Hidden Objects game under 1 Hour in Unity 2019.2.

The starter project is provided with pre-made game UI.
Fruit Art –
Animal Art –



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How to make Hidden Objects game in Unity?


  1. Start the tutorial by downloading Starter Project, the link is in the description. You can also get the entire project from the GitHub (Link in description).Thank you for your support.

  2. In complete project link… There is only one level which is repeated again and agian

  3. very very thanks my bro
    if make like this simple about 1- alphabet matching by line 2- drag n drop object shodow like alphabet or image animals etc..
    very thanks again bro

  4. Can You Please make a Characters selection Ui. And also next scene scripts including.

  5. Awesome tutorial dude.
    I got your project and play with it…. i have some questions..
    1) How can you implement when you click on the background to reduce time by (x seconds) i mean, if you click near the object or on the wrong object to reduce time
    2) Can you make a stars level manager? If you get all objects to get 3 STARS and depending on the objects found or the time passed to get stars.

  6. Bhai thanks mein bhi seekh raha hu unity. Mujhe to kuch samjh hi nahi aa raha hai.

  7. Awesome 🙂 thanks for this tutorial… it helps me a lot…

  8. really cool tutorial. I have a question though, when I wanted to display the text, they wouldn't appear like yours and every text was on top of the other….Do you have any suggestions there?

  9. if any one have the zip file of this main project please send

  10. I think the better way to create hiddenObjectList is to use a folder for it and automate a process of adding elements to list. Let's say I have thousand of hidden objects so I need to put each object manually into list. I think it's a bad idea.

  11. Can you make like this game but on 3d tutorial, im looking for one in 3d loke a scavenger hunt or easter egg hunt game tutorial where you look for an object and select it as answer.

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