Creating Jeopardy and Hidden Object Games with MS PowerPoint 2010 -

Creating Jeopardy and Hidden Object Games with MS PowerPoint 2010

Iryna Ashby
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  1. hii!! Do you know how I should export it to embed in a blog? help

  2. Iryna,i think you deserve more subs than this! this video is well edited

  3. Hi I am making a hidden object game in PowerPoint,the problem that I have is that I find I can click on the object and it will appear furthermore when I click on the word say 'dog' then the object also appear. How do I go about so that the words remain inactive? Can someone please help I'm working on an assignment. Thanx.

  4. it really helped me! ur way of explaining is easy busy! good job and i am thankful

  5. oh my f*cking god, no link. now i have to go to another vid

  6. thank you for your time and efforts. Much appreciated.

  7. thank you. You helped me with my computer class

  8. Do you have any hidden objects games in german to learn the language better?

  9. it really help me a lot. simple and easy to learn

  10. This is amazing 🌺🌷💐 thank you so much for sharing this, it is especially helpful for beginers and is so fun 🌻🌼

  11. Thanks for your tutorial. In Jeopardy Game, may I know how to make the square box (shape) disappear after clicking the hyperlink of question in order to let student know this question has been selected. Or if there is other way to show that question has been selected.

  12. thanks a lot! i made that game hidden object but when i make a mouse click (not on hidden object) it says presentation is over how to avoid that?

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