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[ Crossroad Mysteries: The Broken Deal ] Hidden Object Game (Full playthrough)

Gab Smolders
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Thanks for checking out my walkthrough of this classic HOG!

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  1. Lol from the moment Anna said "he will never let you leave," I kept thinking "this is the plot to Hotel California

  2. Gab: *fucking dies in a hog*Me, whose hog experience is limited to a few main franchises but has enough range to know that ain't usually the case: Hold up-!???

  3. Nothing but love for my favourite gamer

  4. I really love what you do! Keep it up girl!! ❤️

  5. It was nice to catch up on the part I missed yesterday!

  6. Wait – so the door to that plane is pretty high up. Where is the wolf standing? Is the wolf just floating outside the door just to growl and snarl at you?

  7. Gab mention Sean coming home.


    Guess worrying about a random stranger won't be a problem.

  8. HOGs are always extra chill ~
    And remember boys and girls : "Never trust a man with a cylindrical hat"!

  9. Dark Parables and Dark Romance walkthroughs please.

  10. You reminded me that I have lots of HOG games to play! Been into some RPGs lately, but I love them.

  11. I wonder what runs through a HOG universe persons mind when they do anything. Like, who would be like, " I'm gonna hide this extra fuse in this old thing with an elaborate locking mechanism; just in case the other one breaks."
    Though i guess they are ultimate DiY experts. So they make due with their environments well.

  12. So… You mean to tell me… A church protected an all powerful artifact that can destroy a crossroad demon with a match 3 game?

  13. Crossroads demon: I challenge you to a d-d-d-d-d-duel!!!

  14. the phone number at 1:09:29 is a real phone number to somewhere in Bigfork, Montana, USA. Weird

  15. The thing with these HOGs is that despite the obviously small development budget, the folks making them seem to care about doing the best they can with what they had. Of course the quality, proofreading, stylistic decisions can vary between titles, but despite that one gets the feeling somebody actually cares about the final product. Cheap but cheerful, proving you can be a "low-tier" gaming company and still give a shit about what you're doing. The asset-flippers of Steam ought to gaze upon the magnificence of HOGs and weep.

    P.S. Whenever you pick up one the hint crosses it make's a distinctly crunchy sound. Is our protagonist eating them?

    7:21 "Why does it sound like glass?"
    It's a safety feature. The broken glass within slices a person to death before any horrible accidents can take place… :3
    18:58 It's okay to shoot that particular wolf Gab. Unbeknownst to the audience he was a massively racist wolf.
    41:54 "I haven't had chocolate for a while."
    I'm not sure I understand the concept. When you say "a while" are we talking, like, an hour? Two hours?! You're delirious from lack of chocolate Gab… ;p (sorry, I had to!)
    1:43:29 Our protagonist will concoct a cocktail of dangerous chemicals in accordance to the scribbled instructions of a crazy burned guy bricked-up in a room, but chucking over an old plant pot in an abandoned hospital is beneath her.

  16. I love how ridiculous hidden object games' stories are.

  17. Would you ever consider playing A Nancy Drew game? That would be so much fun to watch you play!

  18. I hadn't really seen you before. Wont lie. And i just recently began watching your videos. I wont say where I learned of you because i feel that is always rude (despite it being someone close to you lol). I have always felt that way. I am glad I found your videos. I am a BIG horror fan and finding gamers who still play them often is hard. I also find i can fall asleep watching yours as well. Not in a bad way lol you just keep generally a level voice and soothing. Keep on going with the videis forever lol thanks!

  19. Лайк от друга. Милости прошу вас в гости ко мне на канал )

  20. cant find this on xbox 1. you playing on pc or ps4?

  21. Wow this is little confused ending to me. But I enjoy watch you play this game. 🙂 Giant cockroaches Just nope on nope train board. xD

  22. I dont go in for Hidden Object games but this one caught my attention, the atmospheric music, creepy story. Kinda had a SH vibe. Yay 4 deadly premonition!

    Don't waant to diiie!

  23. Game: never trust a man with a cylinder hat!
    Me: but what about Professor Layton???

  24. Omgosh, when you have to beat the devil at no limit Texas Hold 'em with your soul at stake!!! 😂💜

  25. The strange thing about that Bible verse at the start… Luke claimed to have seen the fall of Lucifer from heaven, but that is chronologically impossible as the fall of Lucifer happened well before the time of Man in the Bible. Adam and Eve still hadn't been created at that time according to the Bible, so that is a massive contradiction.

    And, even if Luke were just writing what someone else claimed to have seen, it would still be chronologically inaccurate as humans did not exist (according to the Bible) at the time of Lucifer's fall. Just thought I'd point that out.

  26. That plane had three engines on each wing. This would make it nearly three times larger than an Airbus A380. An aeroplane of that size would require two kilometers of runway to take off and 4.5 kilometers to land… That is, of course, if it could actually get off the ground.

    I also like how the situation went from 0 to 1,000,000,000 in half a second.

  27. Cop: *uses regular spray can as a blowtorch and cuts through a metal door*

    Me: "Bullshit!… Even by video game logic that makes absolutely no sense."

  28. 2:13:23. Those are side-cutters. Called so because they have one side for cutting.

  29. Quick I need a first add kit, h-hold on meed to make sure everything is still in my car first

  30. I love these type of games. Is it available on any platform other than pc?

  31. Demon: You have to beat me in an ancient game first.

    Me: Say no more… IT'S TIME TO DU DU DU DU DU DU DU DU DU DU DU DUEL!!!!

  32. Gab, it's giving off black shadows and has a magic mark on its forehead. You don't have to be nice to it XD

  33. Wooo.. The writing style in this one is very odd! Cool but … what is going on??

  34. 😂 chocolate as a religious experience!

  35. This music is identical to Shadowrun on SNES.

  36. Anyone else get granny the game vibes from the piano music from 2:00:00 onwards?

  37. I had to stop watching this one in the middle because the Immured Patient made me want to scream and/or barf every time they showed up on screen lol. Loving all of your HOGs though! Slowly working my way through the playlist xD

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