Demon Hunter 3: Revelation - Hidden Object Game -

Demon Hunter 3: Revelation – Hidden Object Game

Gab Smolders
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  1. I don't know why I'm surprised to hear you say you're watching Naruto. I don't really know how much you are into anime these days, really. Naruto definitely sounds like something Sean would want.
    God, the spoiler dodging questions, though. >< I'm doing that with my friends with Demon Slayer right now

  2. I missed the hidden object games goobers happy to see them back

  3. Hi ! Please play Returnal and Death Loop when release !

  4. Please can you play the old game Eternal Darkness 💗💀💗 it has been compared to resident evil and silent hill💗💀💗

  5. Please can you play Bugsnax soon. It is an amazing game full of weird mysteries and all sorts of unexpected things. (I cant give too much away due to spoilers) it is a game which I know that you will love. 💗💗 I hope that you give it a go. (It would be good as a stream game that the vod comes to YouTube) it isn't a very long game but it is something worth experiencing 💗💗

  6. I really like how collaborative Gab’s videos are. It feels like the chat is on a team with her instead of only being her audience.

  7. I am happy hidden objects is back 😁👍 I want to see more hidden objects games ☺️

  8. I’ve always disliked Hidden Object Games growing up and the only person in my family that played them is my sister. However after Watching a couple of your Hog videos I can definitely say am more interested in them more so then ever! I picked up a couple on Sale on the switch and I am definitely enjoying them ^_^ I will be honest I am definitely excited for your next Hog Video!

  9. Damn, the game started with a twist! The red eyes on the child were unexpected! :O

  10. I was incredibly happy to watch this today, it’s been a rough pain day for me and then I heard you were having a bad headache when you played this too Gab, I’m sorry!! Thank you for the chill time. ✨ The edits on this are so, so good.

    It was really fun hearing you talk about anime and TV! I hope you got to have your Naruto & nails night 💅 I would love to hear what you think about Jujutsu Kaisen when you all catch up sometime. 😊

  11. if you like games like these, you should check out machinarium!!! it’s a game with similar mechanics, but in its own way, and it has a beautiful story

  12. Does anyone know the name of the hidden object game she mentions where the character keeps their tools? I would like like to check it out.

    Btw great content like always:)

  13. that naruto talk brought me back to when it was airing on local tv. xD good times

  14. Lol 🤣 The doctor and the door handle hmmmm 🤔 There was a bowl with something green in it, and the handle looked like a pipe, puff, puff, pass 🤣 Yayyy a Goobers click and collect game 😊😘

  15. P L E A S E, someone HAS to make the bingo!

  16. Gab's videos are so chill and she's so nice it's my must-play background when sketching

  17. Gab I'd love to suggest you play "Siberia". It's a series of awesome hidden object/puzzle games, I think you would love it

  18. THE SHORE is out now for PC. You played the demo……

  19. Mystery of the mortlake mansion is a good HOG with gorgeous art. Honestly one of my faves.

  20. After so many bad news, i'm so glad to see you playing HOG, Gabb. Hahaha. Made me relax and forget a little bit about my problems, thanks ❤

  21. The one thing I really didn't like about this series when I played it was how unsatisfying the endings are. They just sort of end, there's no real closure or satisfying final scene. sigh lol

  22. I was just looking at this game on Switch tonight. I already bought three other Artifex Mundi games in the current sale though. 😂 They are my weakness.

  23. I think the dead of night is exactly the game Evelein asking

  24. Im suffering of extreme headaches (migraines) lately, my advice is to talk to your doctor or neurologist about it, not just pop painkillers. They actually completely stopped working for me. The doctor can give you something to prevent a migraine when you feel its coming, and it goes easier on your body then painkiller 🙂

    Also have a same feeling about anime. Watched like almost every title I could find 2011-2016 and then just stopped. Gets so boring 🙁 basically all I watch now are letsplays by you and Sean lol 😀

  25. We all know that Sean is also in the game right…
    The collectible eye 😉
    Our Favorite Duo
    m/ Hardcore fan m/

  26. Is it just me, or is the background music altered Kevin Macleod themes?

  27. I just bought this game and I love it. But I was stuck on this puzzle! 1:11 lol 😂 I took me forever and then finally I got it in 2 minutes 🤦‍♀️ but thanks to this tutorial lol I finally got it.

  28. I had to stop the video to say "NO, that is NOT how you fill a zippo lighter". Btw, have you SEEN the Ghibli lighters on Ebay? 😮

  29. I havent really watched the HOG content so far, it just didnt seem like my thing- but i was a fool. Not only is watching Gab play HOGs really really relaxing and fun, but I also realized my ADHD makes me exceptionally good at spotting things x'D Maybe HOGs ARE for me after all….

  30. If you don't like waiting for nail polish to dry you can do metallic nail polish it dries super fast.

  31. magic water…. sounds like something Gwyneth Paltrow would sell…

  32. Hi guys! I need help looking for a game I played as a kid. I believe it's a game in 2010-2016. The story is a boy and girl finding a portal only to go through and be separated into different timelines. They had to find objects that will aid in their journey to find a way to get back to the same time. I guess they were lovers and I loved how the actions of one affected the setting for the other.
    I'm having troubles finding it on google cause nothing shows up AT ALL. I'm starting to think the game didn't even exist like some kind of Mandela Effect.

    Also, it's not a typical hidden objects game where a room is filled with hundreds of objects everywhere. It's a game where the person can move from room to room and find objects in very realistic spots.

  33. I love your hidden object games so I watched 3 of them and I also have a few of them myself

  34. I know this comment is late but i like the thumbnail because while scrolling it looked like Gab has the handle of a comically large katana in frame but it is just the mic. I might just be going crazy tho.

  35. there's two really good hidden object games you should play
    The Awakening series and Death at Fairing Point: A Dana Knightstone Novel

  36. That puzzle with 3 circles with 3 colors of dots is the first and so far only kind of puzzle I actually skipped through all hogs I've played so far. Started playing them because of you like 2 months ago ❤️
    There was a big sale of artifex Mundo games on switch so I got a bunch of them 😅

  37. Devil May Cry meets a point and click. That's what i got from this. Nothing wrong with that!

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