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[ Enigmatis 3:The Shadow of Karkhala ] Hidden Object Game (Full playthrough)

Gab Smolders
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  1. I fall asleep to these every night. You really help fix the buzzing in my brain and i can finally relax once i turn on your videos. You make me want to stream too but i dont have a good enough laptop

  2. Really great story! I am beginning to like HOGs more. Thanks Gab!

  3. You always play interesting games,love you ❤️👍

  4. Interesting game choice anyways let's show gab lots of our love and support as her subscribers and fans and help boost her subscriber count higher than ever possibly through the roof o3o

  5. Gab, I totally understand. I cut out sugary drinks weeks ago and I still want that sizzling carbonated refreshing flavor!!! 😭😭😭😭

  6. "this is a nice relaxing game!" game starts immediately with the protagonist almost dying
    But seriously Gab, I love hidden object games and watching you play is super fun, I hope you are having a nice time to relax and heal and you know a lot of us love you tons! <3

  7. Nice game Gab. Never saw this kind of games before. It’s good to see that you play other games too an not horror games only. I am playing different games too and I like it very much. My thumbs up for you.

  8. I didn’t know anyone else who played this series – Was hooked from the first game. So glad you’re playing it- Thanks Gab! 😘♥️

  9. hey I remember an old game, you play as a detective and have a list of items to be found in a massive, random item in a room. it's 2D, I wonder if anyone knew the title…

  10. Any idea when Forsaken Souls 2 comes out? I loved the first one.

  11. พี่เล่นสนุก​มากครับ​:)

  12. This is one of the coolest hidden object games you'd played 😀

  13. This makes me want to replay Far Cry 4 😂

  14. Lmao getting irritated on the woman

    Gab:jeez woman stop talking

  15. Loot her? isn't that a male dead body?. Lol really wasn't surprise Brittney was evil, suspected from the start, just had a feelingl. My brain spoils things for me…Its a shame the Bird creature thing had to die

  16. 3:17:41
    It's Latin and the meaning is kind of (I suck at Latin):

    Eternal fire, supreme light – aid me!
    Ruler of darkness, king of Hell – I invoke you!
    I am your servant, I am your door, I am your chalice!

  17. Gab you should check out and play Ghost Whisperer the game when you get a chance it's based on the tv show and you get to play two different episodes from the tv show. The game has hidden objects and puzzles and a story to it.

  18. Gab, yeah that's how you develop film manually (2:40:00 ish). I did that back in high school when I took Photography. You got the easy version of that task. Which is kind of cool a game did that.

  19. that's a poor reason. it's good to know how to sharpen a pencil if you don't have a sharpener but do have a knife, but don't bring some bullshit gender ideology into it.

  20. I am so glad I was able to just binge you playing these games – I started watching your hidden object games recently and I thought I wasn't going to like watching them but it's actually quite enjoyable!

  21. i love your hidden object games they are fun to watch and make me happy to watch them

  22. Is no one talking about how her face reveal is like at the end? The detective…

  23. Chai tea kept me alive most afternoons while I was at my last job! My family thinks I'm more than a bit tea mad as I have a HUGE collection of at least a hundred or so different types of teas and my favorites change based on how sick I'm feeling (each day and during the day). I basically ONLY drink a variety of herbal teas, day and night, 30 oz at a time (@ 4-7 of them a day) with wild honey, coconut sugar and our own goat milk to taste. 💜💜💜

  24. My dad used to sharpen his carpentry work pencil that looked just like that with a knife because it's a rectangular shape (with a thick lead less prone to breaking) that doesn't fit into regular pencil sharpeners. I miss him so much. I was always so proud to be his right-hand "man" here at home when it came to building and fixing things, despite being his daughter and the smell of sawdust still reminds me of him. (My little brother got to help with all the dirt, greasy car stuff. 😁)

  25. * Rewatching because I feel asleep to this last night (a good thing). These videos have really been helping me through a rough time and I just want to thank you so much, Gab! I know I can always come to your videos and feel more peaceful overall. 💜💜💜

  26. Ooh this hog is seriously great! It looks like it's set in China, by Tibet or Xijiang. It's so nice to see more than just our "mainstream"/dominant culture get highlighted because it's actually really diverse. It's so visually stunning, and I'm quite enjoying the story too. Watched the entire Enigmatis series 😀

  27. Very late to the party, but I was willing to bet on Rick being Raphael from the first time telling the story way back in part two, up until Raphael appeared in the crystal tomb. To me that‘s some good story telling (and it definitely made me binge this series extra hard), leaving things open up until the final showdown.
    But maybe I was the only one with that train of thought, too.

  28. Tiny cookies that you're supposed to put on bread??

  29. Man she's really going at those schudde buikjes

  30. This was such an amazing game! Thank you for streaming this ❤️

  31. "we're going to McGuyver it!"…*proceeds to NOT McGuyver it for almost 3 minutes* ….I was shrieking "extinguisher tube!!!!!!!!!!!!!" For a full minute at least before it dawned on her.

  32. Loved the story line in these games! (The Enigmatis ones) so good!

  33. About the ending tho, Fang going with them is probably the best thing for her since everyone else is dead. XD

  34. Gab then: Nancy Drew games.. maybe someday
    Gab now: CHECK! DID THAT!

  35. I've honestly never heard of hidden object games before today but these are surprisingly fun and pleasing to watch!

  36. Oh my goodness, I got so frustrated that you forgot about the signs of evil lol I kept yelling, "skull!" Like you could hear me 😅

  37. it looks like it's the same church and bell that was in the first game of Enigmatis. I wonder if it is the same church. That the main character has returned to the church from the first game. So that you can see how the church looks now after so many years have passed. the bell tower that the bell was in appears to have broken. There is only the standing left

  38. hello! You struggled a bit in 2:26:41 because you do not know where to go to, so I am in the same issue now but there is no way for me to go out because it says that I need a working compass. I saw that you were still using a broken compass and was able to go out. Please help. Thanks!

  39. Reason I hate these games is because of the puzzle at 53:50
    Mine says crescent moon, and there's literally no moon, and what's worse you can't just skip or click randomly because they decided to make you dazed like someone frantically searching for something wouldn't be throwing useless trash off the shelf

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