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Epic Journey Around the World – The Best Hidden Objects Game for Android FREE 2019

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Take your backpack and get ready for the best journey of your life! An amazing adventure is waiting for you – download Epic Journey Around the World one of the best hidden object games free and enjoy the trip. But you are not an ordinary traveler who goes from country to country to enjoy watching the city sights. You are a spy on a secret mission to go around the word and pick the missing artifacts. As a secret agent who is aimed to prevent the terrorist attacks in the most famous world cities, you have to concentrate and show your skills. Improve your power of observation and have fun!

Why “Epic Journey Around the World”!

Find the hidden items in world cities!
Get ready for the world wonders escape!
Challenge your brain and concentration!
Try out the features for phones & tablets!
Find hidden clues & escape the city!
Best searching game to relax and have fun!

This is not a journey around the world in 80 days, you don’t have so much time! Find hidden objects in pictures of Paris, New York, London, Venice and other cities. Take a stroll down the streets and find all the missing items that will help you on your secret mission. Epic Journey Around the World is the best mystery hidden object game to relieve stress and make you have fun all day. Visit all seven wonders of the world and enjoy their beauty. World cities are here, explore them and be the best secret agent ever.

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