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European Quest – Hidden Object Games- iWin

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Take a trip to Europe! You will not only have a fantastic time touring different destinations, but you will also learn about their spirit and culture. For your memories, you may gather albums with animal photographs. There are two sites to visit at each level. There are 10 different minigames to choose from. Memory and solitaire are the two card games available. In the mahjong game, you should clear the board; identify 15 distinctions in the scenario; and play the clutter game. You must find a way out of the labyrinth, solve jigsaw puzzles to discover new places, unblock wooden tiles in an awesome match 2 game to view new locations, gather collections of various animal groupings, and clean the board by finding two matching objects. Explore the golden age of gaming with collection of ZX Spectrum sinclair console games online.

– Explore Europe
– Gather amazing collections
– Enjoy beautiful graphics and exciting mini games
– Find the differences it the scene
– Play challenging mahjong puzzles
– Clean up the clutter
– Explore new different locations by solving the puzzle
– Solve amazing match 2 game
– Repeat favorite levels and mini games

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  1. Looks nice, I found all the objects. One question though: I get that there are three dogs and three hearts, but what did the volleyball (3:11) have to do with anything? (it wasn't in the list of items below) Also, does this game have a "Skip" button under the puzzles, to allow you to skip one if you're either stuck or just not in the mood for it? And lastly, is there a "Relaxed Mode" you can choose, so there's no countdown clock?

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