Find It Game for Kids by PlayToddlers Hidden Objects Game for Children and Toddlers -

Find It Game for Kids by PlayToddlers Hidden Objects Game for Children and Toddlers

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Find It: Hidden Objects for children is a funny game presented by PlayToddlers, about finding things in an attractive environment full of hand-drawn illustrations.

Be captivated by this addictive game, it will keep the little ones amused for hours while improving their attention and visual skills.

Find It is amazingly easy to play, but getting all 3 stars in each level can be a satisfying challenge for kids.

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About a game from a game developer:
★ Let your children be the first to find the hidden objects! ★

“In a word: Addictive, and a nice introduction to substractions” – Apps4Kids Review

★ Features: ★

– 24 Levels with more than 500 different illustrations to find.
– 2 Difficulty modes, children can play alone or ask their family for help to play.
– Win levels in record time and get the 3 stars.

★ What are the advantages for children? ★

Toddlers will have to find illustrations of everyday life, like occupations, household objects, vehicles, animals, types of food, science, planets, music…

Kids improves their skills in recognizing shapes and colors, and as they become experts can play harder levels to improve even more their attention skills.

★ PlayToddlers Guarantee ★

We value all feedback to help try and make our games better. We take pride in the loyalty and trust of our customers who purchase a Play Toddlers game. If you have any question or concern about this game, or if you want to suggest a new game to play with your children, please email us right away at [email protected]

★ Complete Description: ★

Find It is a game for the whole family who will have to look for hidden objects. An excellent introduction for children to the sums and subtractions also helps them train their visual skills and strategies of scanning, so that it will become an invaluable tool when learning to read.

Includes 500 images of 24 different environments: Party, sweets and candies, toys, pirates, fruits and vegetables, animals, food and picnic items found in the home, the universe, Indians and cowboys, professions, sports , things you would find in your school, music, vehicles, industrial machinery, science, meteorology, circus, police, firefighters …

Let your sons or daughters (or grandchildren), discover this hidden object game and help them train their visual recognition capabilities. Let them search a little every day and see as they improve their skills and scores.

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