Found It! Hidden Objects Game Gameplay Walkthrough -

Found It! Hidden Objects Game Gameplay Walkthrough

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About The Game:

Are you looking for an exciting hidden object game?

Found It! – A fascinating game in the genre of Hidden Objects. Move around the interactive map, find items, complete quests and discover new colorful locations.

But don’t think it’s that easy! You have to interact with objects, solve puzzles and be very attentive!

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  1. I downloaded Found It though Tapjoy to get gems for another game. One of Tapjoy's requirements is to finish chapter 2 (Asian Adventure). So far I'm only on Episode 30 of Chapter 2 and each episode has soooo many items to find (with 10+ pop up ads dropping items to find during each episode which sucks). QUESTION: Does anyone know how many episodes are in chapter 2?

  2. Question, I one of the plays (sorry, I'm new to this) there's a clutch of easter eggs, and the pink one is shaking. Does that mean something? Or how do I break it… none of the tools stay long enough for me to more It and break the egg. Or maybe it's just a distraction?????

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