Gaming Culture: Hidden Object Games -

Gaming Culture: Hidden Object Games

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Hidden Object Games – Remember when you first played a hidden object game? You enjoyed it for a bit and then realized “Huh, there’s not really a lot to it, is there”, and never went back to one. Well, the genre has had its ups and downs… mostly downs. But behold, for I have seen the light!

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  1. Pretty well the lowest common denominator for games. Point and click adventure…without the adventure.

  2. Off-topic: I'd like you to make a video on Warframe.

  3. This is a genre of games I have little love for, but I'm here to listen to your take on it dude!

  4. Yeah, I dont play those type of games, but that black and white game in the video looks great.
    I loved reading Asterix&Obelix, I think I had some comics, but I remember I loved the cartoons.

    Also, I gotta say again how much I love that outro music. It reminds me a bit of Una Mattina which I think I first heard watching The Intouchables – I loved that movie.

  5. Cateia studio name is pronounced Kateja (per slavic pronounciation) and the game name is pronounced the same as Captain Brave.

  6. Were can you find the Asterix Puzzle book? I want to buy that!!

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