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[ Ghost Files: The Face of Guilt ] Hidden object game (Full playthrough)

Gab Smolders
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  1. If your real name is Evelin why go by gab Gabby is ur utuber name and your last name is smolders or his and ur boyfriend is rea ok name is Sean so why go by jacksepticeye is the stagename and what is his lastname

  2. Imagine casually carrying 2 chair legs around for no reason 😂

  3. 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  4. Binge watching all your HOG vids is worth it. 👌 we love how you handle all the puzzles and finding all the hidden objects 💯✨️

  5. hidden object games made me interested in concept art, and now i have my diploma for concept art ^^ , i still love these so much!!xoxo

  6. Hey gab just wanted to say I think you should play the new 2 dlcs they should be out tomarrow / Dec. 12 for resi 7 but one thing is I don't know if its just for gold edition tho so yeah

  7. GG gabs you reaily love hidden objects games so much lamo 🤣.

  8. I've never heard off or seen this game, but I like it. It's a cool game

  9. Gurl just play a normal game, jesus!!!

  10. Thanks for uploading! My internet is shitting on me so I needed a good long video to watch on data

  11. Should I watch it here on YouTube or should I watch the past twitch streams… why not both? XD

  12. Gab I think you should make a rule. If either of you buy something over a certain weight limit; they have to be the one packing and carrying it when moving.

  13. 1:01:27 When you say you wouldn't mind doing Voiceacting for a Hidden-Object-Game, does that imply an Interest to voiceact in general, or only for Games which do not need Lip-Syncing? Well, even though the silenthill-inspired Game I am helping my Colleague with might not have any suitable Characters for your particular Voice (or possibly?), and my own Point-&-Click Adventure Game is far from being finished enough to be in Need of Voiceacting, it's none the less good to know you're interested in such a Thing.

  14. I feel ya with the moving. I moved back to SoCal (briefly) from Japan in March. There was so much purging of things, luckily my bf's family (Japanese) could hold onto some things. A few months ago, I moved to Germany with him for his Masters. Now I'm working on getting a visa – so we're kind of in reverse situations (if you do go to L.A.). Anyway I know you'll miss Japan (I do – hnnng I want gyuudon or yakiniku, man), but there is a lot of Japanese stuff/world stuff in California. 🙂 L.A. traffic sucks, but there can be a lot of good things too. I look forward to being able to catch streams when you move!! Good luck~

  15. Glad you're taking big boss and quite with you gab

  16. Hidden object games are great background videos for work.
    I wish I could join the live streams more often.

  17. im getting ready to downloud this game!! :} looks cool & fun

  18. awww! i love your cat so cute! i want one

  19. couldnt really play all of it! cuz id have to pay for it :{ if i had 5 bucks i would

  20. Great present for Gabman. I've been playing it all week. Some of the designs are a bit strange but overall I've been enjoying it.

  21. This game is dumb and nonsensical and so many ways like is there seriously a lock on a phone keypad what the hell that's not even possible but it's still fun to watch

  22. a plumb is a weight hung on a string, used to drop a perfectly straight line, generally used in combination with a level to make sure projects are true

  23. That final sequence, with punching the fedora wearing guy, all I could think was, "CHECKMATE ATHEISTS!".

  24. You should check out cate west and the vanishing files , a game like this

  25. The protagonist's voice does not match her face at all.

  26. Are the christmas stories game series hard for beginners playing hidden objects games?

  27. hidden games are much better any other game

  28. I don’t want to hurt the bird but I do want to use chloroform on the guard 😂😂😂

  29. I'm slowly going back through Gab's artifex games as I cross stitch lol. Love these games, so fun to watch & play.

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