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Halloween Stories: Horror Movie – Hidden Object Game

Gab Smolders
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  1. to bad we don't get to see them explaining where they were for 2 years

  2. I have to insta-like because of the clever costume! ❤

  3. サムネからすでにもう可愛い^ ^

  4. omg I always get so excited when you post HOG gameplays!! And I love your Halloween costume! Happy Halloween!!

  5. Oh!! Ev, You gotta do a Where's Wally prank on the other half! Even more so coz of his short scary#4 video that had Wally there! You've got the costume to make him s*** himself!!😂😂 I'd hide in the dark corners and cupboards??! 🎃

  6. Omg Jack hahaha I didn’t expect that🤣 and the edits are so cute!

  7. Nice. Halloween won't be the same without a Hidden Object Game. XD Happy Halloween, Gab.
    🎃 🎃 👹 👺 👻 🍫 🍬 🎃 🎃

  8. If this is about Halloween, whys Gabs dressed as a candy cane? 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Gabs as Waldo is too cute that and a HOG is exactly what I needed this Halloween 🎃 ☺️

  10. 11/10 for doing a hidden object game dressed as Waldo
    Love it

  11. This was a good one thanks 👍😊 for sharing .

  12. Ummm… How do you spell "smerch?" "smurch?" (of lipstick on the mug) 😁 and how many snarfles does that equal?

  13. I know you won't read this gab but just wanted to say you are one of if not THE best you tuber! Thank you for getting me through a tough time and I lysm keep being your amazing bubbley self 💜

  14. It makes sense as Wally is himself a hidden object of sorts.

  15. Gab, there is a really good hidden object/puzzle game series that i use to play a lot on Steam called "Haunted Halls". The first one i played was called "Haunted Halls: Green Hills Sanitarium". The series is both creepy and fun in equal measure. If you are ever looking for another hidden object game to play, i would highly recommend the series. There is another series of hidden object games by the name of "Enigmatis" that I also believe you will really love. It has some good scares and a really intriguing story behind it.

  16. Cool costume Evelien 😍😍😍 Happy Halloween 🎃

  17. Love the costume Gab! It's very appropriate for a hidden object game.
    32:53 That Monty Python reference is beautiful. lol someone fetch the holy hand grenade!

  18. You should try and play the Spooky I Spy game sometime!! It’s got such a cool aesthetic and some parts of it still kinda creep me out. I think you’d love it!

  19. Quick question. On the bingo, one of the boxes is labeled "indication of missing collectibles." What is *that referring to? The maps in some games, the item screens, or both?

    Edit: 37:35 THE THICK PLOTENS

  20. yet again you give my mind a chance to wander, you helped me with the animal crossing vid when we had to put our dog down, now you upload this video after my grandfather passed halloween morning, you never see my comments gab but your vids and personality really bring me out of the dark places i go

  21. 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  22. A full 2 minutes in, how did I only just now take in Gab's costume? 🤣

  23. This entire game gives me stranger things vibes ( it even has the same font as the title )

  24. It's time to think about climate change✌️

  25. Waldo made me click and he made you click i cant beleive i finnally found waldo

  26. fear street trilogy? freakin cool story and the ghosts?? hell yeah! nicee waldo outfit anyway

  27. Gabs, PLEASE play Outer Wilds, I beg you 😭 such a great game.

  28. Where's Gabby plays a HOG is really a fun combo. 😉

  29. This was really enjoyable to watch. Love your content

  30. happy halloween everyone love the waldo outfit

  31. What’s more effective than camouflage?

    A „Where’s Waldo“-Outfit with an HOG 🥴

  32. aw awsome i love hidden object games i played with with my grandpaw. r.i.p but he would alsways jumpscare me then laugh with me thnk you for giving me great memories

  33. sometimes i look at bb and think about how much of a gremlin my friend's cat is

  34. the art style of hidden objects games always intrigues me, all these games made by different people yet they all look almost identical, its kinda neat

  35. yes but the biggest mystery why is the Christmas Spirit playing this horror game for Halloween

  36. Oh I loved this one, never heard of this one!
    I saw you played the Enigmatis series as well – those are next on my list!
    I've been having fun playing the New York Mysteries series again – I think you'd like those as well! They're on Steam.

  37. Sean played where’s Wally, now gab is Wally!🤣🙌🏻

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