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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! – Hidden Object Game

Gab Smolders
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Game: Dark City – Dublin

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  1. In a dingy basement, with a hacksaw and a Creepy puppet is involved. I smell a game.

    Irish Parody of Saw anyone?

    And yes I know it was a bathroom not a basement but it was underground and the rest matches up. What can you do?

  2. @7:10 for common sense…fire from any liquid gas uses sand or other non liquid fire extinguisher…but Gab uses water and still pulled it off, i wonder if this game is reality based

  3. oh cool, I missed out on Sunday Stream because was away, thank you for uploading! ^^

  4. I hope that the physiotherapy you mentioned on Twitter helps. Of course, with BB getting sick first and then Seán, it’s no wonder you’ve had more tension headaches! Tell the two lovable, fur balls in your life to stop worrying you!

    All jokes aside, I’m overjoyed that they’re both okay.

    I’m only a quarter Irish on my Mom’s side— hence the pale skin and Ginger hair— but it’s my favorite part of my Earthnicity! 🤣

    My Maternal Grandfather was born in Roscommon and, though there’s very little physical resemblance, every time I watch Darby O’Gill and the Little People (1959), Albert Sharpe reminds me of him.

  5. Learning Dutch and Japanese simultaneously is gonna definitely help me out when you start speaking them 😉
    (Not my intention…. but a happy little perk 💚💕)

  6. The random middle-American accents in this game about Dublin, Ireland are legit blowing my mind every time they show up. Like, why does this crime spree have such extensive involvement with Yankee ex-pats?

  7. thank you for keeping me sane with this video, you're the best x

  8. I absolutely love how there is a character with my name (Kasey). Brilliant as always and my Uber will always be available X

  9. Gab: lets celebrate st patricks day

    Siri: CHRISTMAS!!!!

  10. Got to love this. Based in Ireland and everyone has am American accent lol

  11. I love your gaming standards 2:29:10: Can I say hi to kitty? Noooo! Worst game ever! haha

  12. counting in dutch sounds a lot like afrikaans – though then again I suppose they will share similarities

  13. Great stream Gab! I loved how you even got your background lights in the Saint Paddy's Day mood!

  14. My son and I watch and looked for things at the same time. It was a cute game

  15. Meh ,,, you really deserve 1 mil subs atleast I really enjoy the vids best of luck

  16. I can never find lots of let’s plays of hidden objects games and while in isolation I have something to keep my mind off of the bad stuff going on, Thank You Gabby! 🥰

  17. So cool! XD I should need stop thinking about I seen horror movies Leprechaun because it remind movies to me lol. nice play!

  18. I didn't know you played these types of games but i'm so glad you do! Are we allowed to make recommendations, because if so there's a game called 'The Frostrune' that I think you and the community would love. It's not quite a HOG like this one, it's a little more point-and-click based but there are still hidden objects and puzzles in it. The design and particularly the music are absolutely gorgeous, while the story itself is based in Nordic lore, with not-quite-horror but definitely more tense elements to it. I played it on mobile, but it is also on steam. I know right now lots of new games are out but maybe in a more empty time, you could have a look at it?

  19. 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  20. So glad I found your channel, love your personality and content! Makes being quarantined that much more bearable!!! 😂🙌🏻

  21. @ 5:20, it’s 2:00 am and I literally thought the old lady was a white haired Michael Jackson

  22. This is my second time watching this and I just realized that the two orphans that gave the drawings are what really happened. So the boy did not draw a family, he drew the mayor taking the gold from them. And the girl drew them finding the gold in the forest. So you get the answer from the beginning but you never look into them.

  23. I'm 2 minutes in and already love it and can't help but giggle along with Gab at the silly premise. XD

    Not to mention the fact that this is so Irish, I can't help but think of Sean and laugh at the awful accents!

  24. I can't believe we missed one!!! Aaah! oh well, this was awesome! I love HOGs

  25. One thing that bothers me the most about the game is that they use the word police even tho we Irish people called them the gardaí or also known as the gardaí síochána

  26. They could have just based this game in Boston, where there's loads of Irish-Americans, and have everyone be incredulous as to why there'd be tiny leprechauns running around, and then there'd be actual Irish people here and there, as there would be, in the 19th-ish Century. More leeway for the horrible seeping wound of the American accents bleeding on everything.

  27. Stretching protips for Gabs hours playthrougs: when you do the head sideways stretch, use your hand to pull your head to the side, and use your muscles to push your contrary shoulder down, as if someone was pushing it. Keep it like that for 10-30 seconds, and tou can also "pulse" a little bit back and forth. That does wonders to untangle minor muscle knots. Also, after you feel your neck side looser (you can also crack it if you know how to. I crack my kneck at least 5times a day 😂), sitting down as you are, interlace your fingers behind your head, around the middle, and push your head dow ln with your hands. Let your neck, shoulder and leck completely loose, focus on only using your hands for strenght, as if someone else was doing it again. You can move your back, straighten it or curl it, till you feel a slightly sharp pain around your neck and your back (soubds contraprocutive, I know, but removing knots are painful unfortunately 😅), again you hold it for 20-40 seconds, maybe a minute if you feel it's very tight and then "pulse" your bneck back a forth just a bit. You'll even feel sleepy afterwards ^•^. And when you're streaming and do a brek for bathroom or pick up tea, before sitting down, stand with your legs separated a little further than your hips, drop your torso to the floor and swing side to side, relax your legs, let your knees bend a bit, no need for strenght here, just balance. Let your torso swing as if you were made of plus, let it go completely. Close your eyes, go as fast or slow as you want. Swing further or closer as you want. Get your torso up very slowly, keep your eyes closed and head down till you get all the way up, or your pressure may drop and you can feel dizzy or like fainting. Hope it helps, take care of those sore muscles hun ^•^

  28. I wonder if the hat and clover on the Extra's screen were tricky objects? Love the video! I also love how much love your kitty shows you, I love kitties!!

  29. i was enjoying the film till the plot twist

  30. That squirrel reminded me, this dev has another popular series, Living Legends.. I believe in the second game you get to keep a squirrel as pet, feed it, buy things for it.

  31. Why is there a statue of Athena on the Mayor's roof lol

  32. Helo Gab Smolders welkom let's go wet de Beautiful game freind 🤓✌️👍👌🌟✨✔️

  33. The constable sounds exactly like my father and it's trippy

  34. “He’s hurt!”
    “Don’t worry, I just have to unlock this first aid box with the key in this other box that needs two coins to unlock one of which needs a statue which is in-”
    “So, he’s dead.”
    “He’s dead.”

  35. Definitely relaxing watching this mystery case.

  36. Aw bb is so cute, is he a mancoon cross?

  37. badge with the newspaper
    the whole club was readin' 'bout her
    she flipped the page SHE FLIPPED THE PAGE
    next thing you know
    everybody got learnt, learnt, learnt, learnt, learnt, learnt, learnt, learnt
    sorry, just something about the way Gab said "badge with the newspaper" @ 2:16:36 that made me think of low by flo rida

  38. 14:08 that is a jab at the movie phantom of the opera. I love that movie

  39. I don't like investigation shows like CIS and stuff but if it is set in the victorian era then I'm interested, like this game for example. it's interesting because it's dated back to the victorian era

  40. 39:06 that is the same mayor as in 2020's Christmas HOG

  41. This was awesome!
    But you click away too fast!

  42. Right before the carriage man Casey revealed himself he has a bruise on his eye suggesting that the girl threw the shoe at his face. I figured it out a second before he said it 😂

  43. Could they seriously not find any actual Irish voice actors? The accents are horrific. Fun stream tho, I just hate how much the accents are getting butchered. The only one with any semblance of a proper Dublin accent is the mayor, was a nice surprise. Why are there so many Americans apparently living in Dublin?

  44. something ive noticed…why to characters randomly have black eyes in these games? Ones that go away the next time theyre on screen? i noticed both the homeless boy and the carriage driver had them, and im only 50 minutes in…

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