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[ Haunted Hotel: Lost Dreams ] Hidden Object Game (Full playthrough)

Gab Smolders
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  1. It's so wild to see how much you've grown as a person and a content creator as I work my way back in time with this playlist 😅😊❤

  2. 1:40:50 My face when I realize I could have been turning screws with coins this whole time. Haha, kind of looks like Edward Scissorhands with no hair… Or Mr. Burns when he was hanging out in the woods. OnOAnd I agree with the other comments, I have watched your videos to calm down and relax during some rough times in my life. Thanks.

  3. Gab both pays attention and doesn't 😅

  4. And behind this golden horse on the wall they will never find my secret stash of hundreds of human skulls.

  5. Seeing Gab react to cats is so cute and relatable. 😄

  6. 2:35:17
    *Mystery Trackers badge shows up*
    Me, being a massive fan of that franchise: Wait wait wait what?
    *Violently goes down a really long rabbit hole to find out that Elephant games made an ENTIRE FREAKING CR O S S O V ER GAME featuring the main protags of Grim Tales, Haunted Hotel, AND Mystery Trackers, thus connecting the universes*

    I need to find a playthrough of this now

    edit: IT'S A SERIES

  7. I played The Phantom of the opera big fish game. I liked the story to bad when I played it it was a free version and it gave me like how many times played I think 5 and I would stop playing and play the next day. But all my plays were run out and could never play it again 😢 I wanted to play it recently but they removed the game and the disc is alot of money

  8. this is like the third hog i've watched you play & it always amazes me how fast you blow through puzzles because i get stuck on some of the simplest stuff. it's really wild!

  9. This kind of game always intrigue me , especialy when we are Detective

  10. I love your gameplays , you are so funny and I can practice my english listen to you and see the subtitles. Greetings from Perú 😉

  11. That music from Hope Lake is in my head now

  12. just a suggestion but mystery case files fates carnival is a good one for next month or private streams

  13. Where do you use a cork? ………. only one place comes to mind.

  14. Why the freakishly long arms! that terrifies me. I still crap myself over the long armed man from Fatal Frame!

  15. I got to the cat part and just screeched a little for the main character to just take the cat to safety. QAQ

  16. About time I sub to you now. You're exactly the type of content creator I admire: A gamer who actually tries to charm you with her personality rather than exposing herself, and someone who doesn't just play the popular games. Wish for you to get more subs. Keep it up.

  17. Hey Gab have you heard form the creators of True Fear? :C I hope it isn't canceled.

  18. Jane: Maaaark!
    Gab: Yeah, whatever. I'll see you later. Have fun at the park!

    I lol-d 😀

  19. Gab rebooting rebooting… rebooting….. Gab online and ready for stream….:P

  20. your just so darn cute, i absolutely love your dimples. and that laugh? DIVINE. this is also a great video, from content to quality to personality. im sorry i didnt find you sooner. you give me hope and i appreciate you. thanks for being you<3

  21. If Gab's story readings become popular. They can go to itunes! oh man I'm excited. 🙂 that would be so sick and the stories!! :O

  22. Yesss hidden object games!!!
    This didn’t show up in my subscriptions feed though…

  23. For 3 days, each time I watch this I fall asleep… relaxing hidden object game + gabu gabu’s chill voice makes for the ultimate sleeping remedy.

  24. You must have seen into the future. " How fast are we gonna finish this one. Three hours?" finishes with two minutes to spare

  25. Are you going to play the other haunted hotel games?

  26. This game was so satisfying to watch, the visuals and the way everything came together in the end
    Your hidden object games steams are like a therapy session

  27. 52:46 Gab, you're my kinda people! 😏💜💚😉 Also, yup, I remember Hope Lake… Because I just watched it a few days ago, then got COMPLETELY HOOKED on your Christmas specials!!!

    ***I'm so sorry that I'm not financially able to subscribe to you as I REALLY WISH I COULD!
    (I'm long-term bedridden, but STILL having to fight to get any disability status or support, despite my years of incredibly hard work, so I REALLY WISH that I was in a position to be able to repay you (and Seán) in any way possible for all of the heartwarming and healing content y'all provide to me, especially in my times of need… Like when I received my latest denial of approval. After some of the tears, frustration, anger, inadequacy, etc., I finally calmed down some, then went right back into watching the video of yours that had been interrupted.)

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all of your HOG full playthroughs as they sometimes keep me sane 😉; thank you also for introducing me to new games that I never really watched anyone play before, but I'm truly finding AWESOME!

  28. 59:40 I LOVE going to sleep with Gab playing! I make sure she's playing every night… And she's usually still playing when I wake up. She helps me SO MUCH and I hope me watching her videos helps thank her some since I can't afford to subscribe to her.

  29. You should try to play the other haunted hotel games

  30. it's impressive that she had the same reaction for the 2k achieviement because of a massive subs giveaway

    she's just lovely

  31. Hello gab. Smolders. I love your acting as playing hidden object. Games. And saying bad words. I know you have a cat i play hidden. Object games. On my tablets. And my computer. In my room I know library. Is closed. My name is Chris Novak from walnut creek California. On 1320 terrebonne drive. Treat become my new friend. For ever. Do you like Freddy krueger. Jason Michael from Halloween. Movies. Poltergeist. Movies and TV show series twilight vampire. Movie saga. Ncis show. Csi new York CSI Miami. Criminal minds. Bones. Lost boys movie. End of days movie. I love santanic. Movies and German world war 2 stuff I love. Satan lucifer. Antichrist and lost prophet. For real. Do you want to be on my side for hell. Because I do see you when hell breaks. Loose. Ill take you to my master hideout in Normandy. On d day cave. See you there. Sincerely. Chris Novak. Adolf loves us all be evil as me your gonna love it. We don't need Jesus Christ.

  32. Are you tired of staying at home order. I am we will get through. This and than. We can join Satan side say yes

  33. That's such a HOG staple to just end the story really abruptly. I love watching your HOG playthroughs, for as silly as they are its clear you enjoy them.

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