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Haunted Hotel: Lost Time (Hidden Object Game)

Gab Smolders
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  1. Its been awhile since I've watched one of your HOG gameplays. Glad to see this upload. Also, just a lil heads up. The new Tsugu no Hi chapter's out. I saw a vid pop into my recommendations feed, but I'd rather wait for you to play it.

  2. Try the deep sleep series or don't escape

  3. Have you played the Shadow Wolf Mysteries series?

  4. Thank you Gab your vidéo really help me relieving my stress

  5. 1:42:54 Okayyy, that puzzle is literally "Triple Triad", the card game within Final Fantasy VIII. Theres videos of it on youtube

  6. Amber, that’s from when you played The Council. I wonder if anyone else got that reference. Lol

  7. hey gab have you played the letter? its like doki doki literature club.

  8. lol that alchemy circle is a complete copy paste from Full Metal Alchemist. xD

  9. This is like watching Dora the Explorer

  10. Since I have been watching you play hidden object games I have been wanting to get back into them. Are there any certain developers of these games you recommend. I noticed most games you play seem to be published by big fish games. Would you say anything published by them would be a good hidden object game to play?

  11. What are you drinking there Gab? Looks yum!

  12. Gab I have subscribed to your channel and jacks too

  13. I really like those type of games, very nice video! 😊

  14. Having to play triple triad against Bernard was a nice surprise.

  15. When the card section came up I was just like oh it’s triple triad

  16. I had to take my headphones off because your voice sounded too nice to handle.

  17. In the bonus content it said that you unlocked the Secret Room! Good game, I love hidden object games and have beaten loads of them!

  18. Man I love watching ur vids, but….. God damn ur horrible at games lol. Like I'm playing with my 7 year old.

  19. The card game made me more excited than it should have 😂, it's essentially Triple Triad

  20. that type of tea is pretty common, it is for relaxation and warming. xD triple triad really? (game from ff8)

  21. You would really like Fran bow maybe you can play it

  22. Why’d I think people were talking about pigs in the comments oml

  23. It bother so much that you didn't click on the morphing object in that room at @1.41.57

  24. It's always weird when a main character of a HOG is named Jessica, makes the game more immersive for me

  25. lol anyone else notice that the card game was very ff8?

  26. I never really gave these types of games a chance. I have been watching your videos and bought my first hidden object game today! 🙂

  27. I had to rewind that segment where you press those buttons on the locker marked "ROGERS" to figure out what's going on. Since one of the buttons was scratched out, I suppose that letter used to be "R". And looking at what you've accidentally pressed in order to open it, I guess what the game's trying to have you do was rearrange the letters without the one R to spell something (which is why said letter was taken out). You've unintentionally pressed "OGRES" which opened the locker. XD

  28. I wonder if you could make a HOG playlist? did i miss it?🥺

  29. I'm mad at the game makers because that 'crochet amulet' shows two knitting needles in the ball of yarn and not a single crochet hook.
    But I'm a crochet nerd so I'll let it go and just enojy your playthrough because your HOGs are so soothing.

  30. This reminds me of those nurses spelling MURDER in the Roanoke House

  31. Gab using chat to help her with the find-the-item puzzle really gives off playing with your friends energy

  32. What I was expecting to be going on and what seems to actually be going on are definitely not the same lol

  33. You unlocked a secret rooom!!! O_O and the last morphing object was in the lab…where you fought the 3 nurses off ;D
    I love and hate watching your HOG let´s plays xD I enjoy your let´s plays in general but sometimes I sit there staring at a thing you didn´t find yet or want to explain to you how a puzzle works xD But on the other hand, there are puzzles where it would be the other way around…So…Keep going 😀

  34. Was amazing! Loved the story, gameplay, and the commentary on top 🙂

  35. Gab mentioning that cup of tea having a lot of flavors, meanwhile, I'm sitting here like "I wonder if my mint is healthy enough to prune. Do I have fresh ginger??"

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