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Haunted Hotel: Lost Time (Hidden Object Game)

Gab Smolders
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  1. The girl looks like Eileen from Silent Hill❤💙💚💛

    Love you💜

  2. Hi great play through I always enjoy your play thoughs thanks for sharing .

  3. "so dirty" "oh my, literally anything…" 😂you are funny!

  4. Anyone else getting The Skeleton Key vibes from this?

  5. popped in to see and hear your cute self !! alright see ya next time boo lol

  6. I like games with a lot of puzzles – the Sherlock Holmes games are good for that sort of thing.

  7. i like ur cool calm voice u go go girl cheers!

  8. I really enjoyed this game! Where can I find these locks with these pendent keys that these games have? So cool to unlock something that way

  9. The nurses are like the Powerpuff Girls lol

  10. I find it a bit funny that these characters, while talking to each other, just stare at the camera. XB

  11. I love these games!! Thank you for playing:) I hope you have a great day/ evening.

  12. Ummm… the trunk of a Volklswagon is in the front. Was that coat hanger just rattling around in the fan belts?

  13. you are Very very cute💐Very beautiful🌹美しく可愛らしい🌸

  14. there was at least one morphing object i saw that gab missed i was like get it its right there but she kept clicking away from it lol

  15. I thought than you're gonna skip the game with the nurse because of 7th Guest, and the card game than we play against Bernard it's like the Triple Triad (or mostly "it's" except if it's an IRL game who have another name)

  16. Wow…. Hi Gab, Congratulations on where you are now. I can see you're successful in this industry… I can remember where you were playing Fatal Frame on a console. I wish I can find my way as well. Keep it up!

  17. Oh my gosh this week was so crazy and I already had this stream on while I was working but you know what, I needed to chill tonight so here I am with my tea and Gab HOG vid and having a great time 🍵😊

    Thank you Gab for providing a chill space for us to unwind ✨

  18. I was not expecting seeing two dead people in the car🚘 and this game is amazing

  19. The Triple Triad card game is an interesting addition lol. Wouldn't have expected to see that.

  20. The beta for that Avengers game launched, maybe you could play it and make a video about

    I also wanted to say that you and Seán are an ADORABLE couple 💕❤️🥰🤗

  21. Lets get that final 10k to 400k subs

  22. My sister and her husband named my niece Baylee Jo. I just thought to myself, did they seriously not take into consideration what the poor girls initials would be? Poor thing.

  23. I enjoy your gameplays keep up the good work! You're one of the YouTubers that inspired me to game on my channel.

  24. Some other good hidden object games series are The puppetshow or Mysterie Case Files (my favorite from MCF is Dire Grove)

  25. When the game crashed, Sakai Jin appears. 😄 Love the wallpaper Gab!

  26. Gab, if you want a hidden object that have the same vibes with haunted hotels, i reccomend playing the puppetshow series❤

  27. 2:23:57 their heads were changing because witch each found thing they were getting older on these slides! :>

  28. Another really great HOG is “Shiver: Poltergeist” I checked your playlists and it hasn’t been played yet XD

  29. i used to play these types of games all the time when i was a kid! it’s so nice to see you doing a let’s play of one (i’m sure you’ve done more before but this is my first time watching one of yours) 💕

  30. Watching you play a HOG is so relaxing. Watching you play anything makes me happy, Gab! You're my super girl crush. 😊

    And, btw, please don't "make water" for anyone's tea, Evelien.🤣🤣🤣 (Ask Seán what that expression means in English.)

  31. I love watching these videos! A lot of folks like to look down on hidden object games. I feel like Gab would really enjoy the original Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove game.

  32. You should play the letter. It’s a great horror story with multiple endings.

  33. Ahhh man, I really need to try to catch streams more often. I miss watching you play hidden object games.

  34. "Casual cause we like sparkles "

  35. Goes to open the trunk on a VW Bug and quickly shows she now NOTHING ABOUT CARS!!! You see, Gab…….. On most older German cars such as Porsche and VW, the TRUNK IS IN FRONT OF THE CAR, where the engine normally is and now the engine is in the rear of the car! 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️

  36. 怖い話。seems like "the shining".puzzle game.楽しくみれました。ありがとうございます。

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