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Haunted Hotel: Silent Waters (Hidden Object Game)

Gab Smolders
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  1. Abound 1:35:00 in that puzzle against the phantom.
    It’s like your not even trying! I’m sorry I love your videos but that was frustrating. You didn’t even think about it it’s really simple strategy.

  2. Yeah definitely give Archive 81 another go 😁

  3. me, at 12 am alone in my room: we get to KEEP THE CAT???
    best hog ever

  4. the game name is othello/reversi is a fusion of tic-tac-toe and checkers
    you need to know how to play this 2 so you can win
    and the 3th time the game gives you autowin i have notice this… in this type of games because lot of people the can't play Othello
    funfact: books don't make you smarter but the improve your memory and imagination

  5. Lea Thompson's daughter Madelyn Deutch plays the girl with the piece of the horn tied around her neck .

  6. they havent been able to make first person realistic looking cuz we can see whole front of our bodies but games only hands, they have work to do to fix that

  7. let's GO GABS!!!! finally you're in my recommended and I'm all for it!

  8. I would love to see Gab do a let's play of The Letter. It's a mobile horror story game that's choice-based and has many outcomes/dialogs (much like until dawn). The story is well written and super creepy! It made me feel like a kid again. Afraid to leave my room at night, and when I did, you could bet I was running back into the bedroom and jumping on the bed behind my dog 🤣 Please play Gab! You'd love it

  9. Gabby is probably smarter than me but her ability to do puzzles is laughable

  10. regarding podcasts – from what i heard, the archive 81 netflix show got TOTALLY screwed over and it, like, completely ruined a bunch of characters. i'd highly recommend listening to the podcast instead

  11. I started playing dead by daylight because of your videos playing it, and I will admit that I was super overwhelmed by the sheer amount of abilities you have to memorize going into the game. It IS a lot. But I would love to see you post it again some day. <3

  12. Apparently my phone thinks we sound the same because your hey Google set my phone off lol

  13. What are morphing items and what is their purpose

  14. 1:24:09 the moment gabs turns into the evil phantom from making fun of the Canadian apology 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🍁

  15. Like these longer videos, so nice to have something to fall asleep with. And also, CJU brought me here. Good streamers both of you 🙂

  16. Ugh…not these games again …can u play the last of us walking dead or something like that plz?

  17. This reminds me that you have next level big brain.

  18. “Speaking of bug spray, I’ve been wanting to play Res Evil 1 again” 😂 if you know, you know lol

  19. I'm currently only at 1:09:00 and it doesn't even feel like an hour has gone by. This game is great

  20. Gab: "this game has a lot of broken handles"
    Me: "guess they couldn't handle it. :)"

  21. I'm from Pittsburgh where they filmed Archive 81, but I still wasn't going to watch till people kept mentioning it to me. I went to school for the stuff the main characters do (Public History) soooo I had to give it a try. It is a SLOWWW burn in the first half but it all comes to a head and actually pays off. I'm really looking forward to a season two. Try also Dark on Netflix that show is INSANE! Look nothing up and just start it. Love your videos Gab!

  22. got weeds on my head, but don't call me a weed head, got bees on my head, but don't call me a bee head, bruce lee on my head, but don't call me a lee head; now if you'll excuse me, i've got to get my trees fed

  23. perhaps whoever made this isn't a native english speaker, and they are thinking of a 'pocket book'

  24. You’re convincing me to buy a new chromebook to play these games. Do you get them all on steam? I know nothing about PC gaming lol

  25. FoundFlix gives a whole ending explained and goes over everything in Archive 81 if you don’t wanna watch but wanna know everything going on and the ending

  26. You are my new comfort streamer–found you by the Insomnis game then found yours. Now I'm watching your videos and subscribed to you. I don't regret clicking on the video. 🙂

  27. I'm trying to remember another haunted hotel game but it had something to do with dr0wned people and one of the last ghosts was a bride in a church or bell tower. I ask here because you play a bunch of Hidden Object Games so maybe you or someone watching knows. Help?

  28. I think it was called haunted halls green hills sanitorium… an old one but good one… 😜

  29. That new hair does nothing for the puzzle solving.

  30. that boss fight is NOT a puzzle, its a real board game, like checkers.

  31. I'd definitely never be able to play this one. Too spooky. I absolutely adore HOG games but I draw the line at horror. I love the Dark Parables series though.

  32. these hidden object games feel so underrated, they're so freaking cool! They have such a nice atmosphere, and don't require the same amount of pressure other games have. 🙂

  33. One hidden object game i think you would highly enjoy is Adera. personally, its one of my favorites out of all the ones I played. i think you would have a fun time, as would your viewers

  34. the part where you're fighting the black ghost the first time, you're literally playing a game called reversi (might be called something else in different countries but here in the US that's what it's called.). If you look at the spaces you can make on the first move, you can see the area you can jump to when fighting the opposing player (or cpu) and in that grid pattern is how many you can change to your side if the opposing color is within your jumping grid. The more in your area of jumping, the more colors you can change to your side. It's more strategy than a puzzle.

  35. there's no shame in skipping puzzles that take too long to solve.

  36. Please…Try this game called Campfire Legends: The hookman…that's so cool..same like this game

  37. Honestly. Can someone tell me why car crash is the go-to plot hook in these games?

  38. 42:18 The absolute disregard for Bobby T.T What did he ever do to you, Clark?

  39. I just love the beautiful art in all these HOGs, also – how many crest puzzles can a game have? It seems like there's a random crest and collectible at every screen 😭

  40. Honestly the cat in tne inventory is the best part of this game hands down

  41. Game idea: HOG but you get to keep a cat with you the whole game. Will the cat help? Maybe, maybe not. But how could you complain when you have a cat?

  42. Ha! I have this game. I played it so long ago. It's a good game.

  43. I always recommend the Dark Parables series. It's beautiful stories with beautiful art where the fairytales are part of the real world with kingdoms and everything and I won't lie I did fist fight a prince at one point.

  44. Sèan should play these games! These have PLENTY of horror if he likes them.

    And I would like to recommend Dark Parables if you like gorgeous fairytale theme.

  45. No bonus game? 🫢 i do agree this one seemed to drag on, but nonetheless fun to watch you figure it out and chat

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