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Haunted Hotel: The Thirteenth (Hidden Object Game)

Gab Smolders
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  1. Today was like death from a thousand razor blades. Your new HOG and my vape pen sounds so good. Thanks for the cool games and the chill video Cheers!!

  2. Ooo this is so interesting! Are there thirteen ghosts? Is the dad the thirteenth victim? Is the son thirteen? I wonder if we'll find out!

  3. uhhhhh loved it! what's with the missing portraits though? Is there sth like an epilogue?

  4. The spider story is so cute. I would have loved to been a fly on the wall. XD
    Outside of the spider's reach, of course.

  5. Unrelated to the HOG (though I always love watching you playing them) I totally feel you on the lactose intolerance. I use lactose-free cows milk for most things, but use coconut milk for iced coffees. I can't give up cheese though, lactose-free/vegan stuff just doesn't taste as good. So I get those noises you talk about, I call my stomach Mark after Markiplier because when I have lactose it gets as noisy as Markiplier playing a rage game! XD

  6. Also, I now have Like a Chess Man in the tune of Madonna's Like a Virgin stuck in my head.
    Like a chess man, checked for the very first time.
    Like a che-e-e-ess man.
    When your pawn close to mine,
    Gonna take it, ooooh, like a chess man!

  7. Things I don’t usually hear in daily conversation:
    “Oh I’ve still go my body on me”
    “Where should we put our body?”

    🤣 This was a really interesting HOG and a great way to unwind today! Thanks for the video! ✨

  8. I love how the youtube ad break on the video was put exactly when you called out the weird fake ad break in the game hahaahha

  9. Much braver then me i see a spider and scream

  10. It would be fun if gab was a character in a hidden object game.

  11. I don’t know if anyone said but there is a lot of cheeses that are lactose free. I’m wicked lactose intolerant, I take all lactose out as much as possible (love cheese!!) or really as much as I care to. There is a once a day pill that is a daily probiotic with lactose support, it really works super well for me and everyone I know that takes it, there is a pill you can take right before you eat lactose that works awesome as well. They have gotten so much better with lactose free foods, fairlife is the best still milk lactose free milk- not sweet like most are, may not be in England though. They have a whole range of lactose free products. Ben and Jerry’s lactose free ice cream is so good. Also in hot tea love coconut milk in it, not all the time but it’s so good. Cold tea like an iced chai love oat in that, coconut is good in that as well, coconut milk is high in saturated fat, can’t stand almond in it though.

    When I became lactose intolerant at 12 was horrible which was 23 years ago (damn I always sound ancient when I say that but I’m 35) they had almost no products that were lactose free, so now I am about talking about them so people know there are options and to get people to buy them so that they keep coming out with more lactose free items and make sure you can get those items everywhere.

  12. Lol I love how his reaction was basically, “oh shit I’m dead fr fr? Sucks.. anyway”.

  13. The one thing you can count on in the haunted hotel series of games is that you will always make a fishing rod at sometime in the game LMAO love from Ireland 🇮🇪🇮🇪 hope you are having a great year so far Evelyn your videos and streams are always getting better keep it up please

  14. You and I are in the same boat! I just recently found out I'm lactose intolerant. Cheeses are fine, but any milk is bad. I was getting digestinal pain that could be so bad I would pass out. Once I cut out dairy I felt so much better. I'm glad you were able to figure it out for yourself too!

  15. I can just see the two of you carrying the spider then throwing it outside like a bomb about to explode and just running away like : 'RUUUUNNNN !!!!!' XD <3 We have a big old 1kg pickle jar i call the spider jar for ours, i even wrote on the lid 'Spider Jar' 'Don't Take !' and it comes in handy with our Huntsman's 😀

  16. The braille says "Dave, I am your grandpa."

  17. 1:03:43 OMG youre humming reading rainbow! Surprised to see you know the song since you live overseas

  18. I reckon you’d really enjoy mystery case files dire grove… it’s been mentioned in a few other mystery case files that you’ve done and it’s my favourite from when I played it as a kid and it would be brilliant to see you play it ❤️

  19. Gab, please play Dark Parables. It a really good hidden object game series!

  20. I love how they reused the character models from other games, especially the Axiom Butcher, for the Baker Family portraits 😄

  21. Hey Gab! When I was a kid I played the 'Grim Tales: The Wishes' and it was one of my faves! I saw it on steam and I thought you may be interested in it.

  22. bearded man appears on screen
    Gabs: "oh, hello handsome man"

  23. Your character adjusted very quickly to being dead! It reminded me of the "Oh no! Anyway," meme

  24. I dont think the dynamite was empty, just missing the blasting cap

  25. Lactose intolerance is one of those things that can develop in adult hood! An interesting fact

  26. I wants chicken I wants liver, Necro-Necromix deliver.

  27. I never saw a HOG with só many mini-puzzles in it. But it was very enjoyable and dark sometimes, but not scary. Those bad guys were looking a little bit like The Observers from the series Fringe. Does anyone know this series? The Observers are wearing the same suits, but not the masks. Sorry, that last one was a sidenote!

  28. I just wanted to say absolutly love your content to wind down to, your my go to to help me sleep on a night, in a really nice way lol ❤❤

  29. Every morning ,Necronomix , a part of a nutricious breakfast.

  30. deadass feel that about having an allergy and never realizing it all your life. turns out im allergic to pineapple and cantaloupe, they make my mouth sting and give me a belly ache. i thought it was because theyre acidic lol and that it was normal until i mentioned it to a customer at the grocery store i used to work at and she gave me this very concerned look and said "i think you might be allergic". and like ive heard people talk about strawberry allergies that sounded just like what i had but apparently i needed someone to outright tell me that i was allergic to pineapples and cantaloupes for me to connect the dots and believe it lmao

  31. I don’t think that puzzle at 1:33:33 was logical at all. Seems like luck.

  32. “It’s like an ad break.” Then I got a YouTube ad. Lol.

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