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Hidden City®: Hidden Object Adventure, December 2019

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NEW HIDDEN OBJECT SCENE – All the citizens have gathered in the Ice Palace to celebrate Christmas and have fun at the ball organized by the sorceress Lumica. But Santa can’t start Christmas as the great Christmas Book, where the future is written, has been frozen! He blames Lumica, who claims she’s innocent. Will you be able to find out who the real villain is and save Сhristmas?
CHRISTMAS BALL EVENT – Complete 35 challenging quests, collect items in bonus mini-games and be rewarded with the “Winter Treasure” amulet, the “Snow Globe” totem, the unique avatars of the Glorifiers of Christmas and an amazing super avatar.

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  1. Me encanta los juegos pero tengo problemas porque no veo mis tareas que eh realizado ni mis logros y ahora no me sale el de detectives

  2. Себастьяна Меньщикова says:

    После обновления чёрный экран на устройстве при попытке запуска игры. Письма в тех поддержку остаются без внимания! Ярослав их просто игнорирует или задает стандартные вопросов, ответ на которые не дает никаких результатов. Почините уже вашу игру!!!

  3. Events are unwinnable & are zero fun unless you spend actual $$$$ cash.
    Greedy I am Very dissapointed in your company. You already have millions.
    But BRAVO on wrangling in so many weak minds. Winning

  4. Hello, the event is not working for me, the ice palace doesn't appear on the map and when I try to seek it from the quest's list it doesn't work, does the problem come from the downloading that didn't go well? How can I fix it ?

  5. how can i save my progress so i can play with many devices without having diffrent saves

  6. Turn down the volume on your advertisements. Every time I play solitare i keep getting bombarded with extremely loud ads.

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