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Hidden Expedition: Titanic – Full Game HD Walkthrough – No Commentary

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I love Hidden Object Games. Enjoy!

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Story: In this game, the player takes on the role of a treasure hunter working for the Hidden Expedition Adventure League (H.E.A.L.) to investigate the wreckage of the ocean liner Titanic. The Titanic Museum Foundation has discovered a rare artifact – the Queen’s jeweled crown – was on the ship and have hired HEAL to retrieve it, as well as any other pieces that may be of value to the museum. Players have a limited time to search hidden object scenes in each area of the ship, or their oxygen will run out.

Release Date – July 22, 2006
Genre – Puzzle, Hidden Object, Point- and clicking adventure
Publisher – Big Fish Games
Developer – Big Fish Games, Eipix Entertainment

My Xbox360 gamertag: Shad0wx54x

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  1. It's too bad that Rose DeWitt-Bukater-Dawson doesn't appear in this hidden object game. I dressed up as her for Halloween 2017. Boy, did I look beautiful? Hidden object games are fun, but they're tricky on purpose.

  2. I remember playing this boring ass game at elementary school.

  3. I remember playing this in 2006 what alot of memories👌👌👌😉😉😀

  4. I used to have this game. Beat it over 20 times because I loved the game so much. Never stopped playing it until my father got a new computer and it wiped out the game completely. I just found this.. a piece of me is back finally. 😊

  5. The song actually scares me when I was a kid. It still is. Scary and sad at the same time.

  6. This was my childhood! Also my first encounter with English words!

  7. My first hidden object game😍
    One of the best ones back then!

  8. I remover playing this game like 14 years ago

  9. I just wanted to know what's the ending is because I used to play it when I was like 8 but than my Nintendo broke TwT but I love it ^^

  10. My whole family used to gather up at weekend nights and play this game as a group trying to find the items i was young and the music used to creep me out

  11. 8:11 always loved that symphony anybody know where to find that sound ?

  12. 昔ままがやってて、20歳になった今でも時々BGMが脳内に現れてくるから検索したら!!笑

  13. It looks very boring…There are no cut scenes, and no story line to it!…Yawn!

  14. I played this game in windows vista, it was pre installed. ❤️

  15. I remember playing this in my Toshibs when I was like 11-12, damn the final was like the point of my life in that moment

  16. Is there a way to download the full version of this game for free ?

  17. This game's music always gave me scary vibes in my childhood… Memories…

  18. Anyone pls give the link for the game to download pls 😭.I miss those peacefull days 😭😭😭😭😭

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