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“Hidden Object Game Art”

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This video is about preparing background art for Hidden object game. Old master painting was converted into a HOG with simple techniques.


  1. Looks very cool. Is it possible that you could make a commented version, explaining what you are doing? I would very much like to learn how to do this.

  2. please share what software you used for this, i want to make a educational HOG for my junior students. I want to make it simple.

  3. Miss M Sengupta.. Do you want know about screen recording software or the process of HOG art?

  4. Hello sir, i was amaze by your works. I really want to learn how to make hidden objects. I would really love if you show a step by step procedures of making hidden object games.. thank you sir.

  5. HI, I am amazed on how you do all of that.
    How did you manage moving the blue cloth on the barrel, and show the barrel behind it ?
    I would like to learn that method. 
    I believe you used the Stamp tool,  but that duplicates things,  and that's not what i saw in your video

  6. Hi, can you time/cost quote me on backgrounds we need to make a game 25 screens. If work is good can be continious work 3-10 game projects simillar size.

    Thank you.

  7. Awesome! It would be great if you could create a webcourse on how to design, illustrate and render such scenes.

  8. Veo que sabe mucho pero desafortunadamente saber no sirve de nada si no se trata de que llegue al mayor numero de personas interesadas. Demasiado rapido, no hay indicaciones y se tiene que tratar de deducir para llegar a un resultado similar. No se puede saber como es que se realizan los cambios y creame conozco bastante bien photoshop. En lo posible sino quiere explicar no minimice a los que tratamos de aprender.

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