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Hidden Object Game : Hidden Object Unlimited Level

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Welcome to Unlimited Hidden Objects. Solve unlimited hidden objects levels at one place.
more then 1000+ levels and more then1 lac objects.

#1 hidden object game at app store. are you waiting for best hidden object games or different modes or lots of levels or lots of objects? then you are at a right place. Be ready to face the real challenge of finding hidden objects in a messy mansion. Find all the things and artifacts hidden in a picture of a messy mansion and share this hidden object adventure with your friends and family members.

Hidden Object Unlimited is waiting for you! Catch all Object and enjoy playing these “hidden objects” all the time!


• Play Game In Easy Medium and Hard mode.
• Gorgeous HD graphics.
• Zoom feature to help find little items and small hidden pictures.
• High Quality and enjoyable background music.
• 1000+ levels of fun gameplay in Campaign mode.
• Find objects by their names, pictures, or silhouettes or In Box.
• Hints to help you when you are desperate.
• Daily Rewards and Bonus Levels to earn more coins!
• Unlimited Hints with coins.
• Find stolen items all over Europe!
• Amazing 3D art gallery brings scenes to life.
• More than 100000 hidden objects to search.
• No Internet connection required to play!
• Earn all 5 coin to prove you are the best! on each level.
and lots of new…

Lots of adventure theme available like escape ocean mystery, mystery in the island, secret in temple etc…

One of the best hidden object games 2018, a true gift for the new year! if you really like mystery games our free app is a real gift for you.

Do you like fantasy, vampires, haunted houses, and zombies? You’re at the right place! Free “Hidden Object Enchanted Castle” and start your own hidden objects adventure! Enter our magical castle and “search and find hidden objects” as quickly as you can! Engage your concentration, perception, and quick fingers to “find objects” in the magical castles! If you like hidden object quest games, you have everything you need in our hidden objects world! We offer you “hidden objects games for free” which are equally suitable for kids, teenagers, and adults! If you like mystery estates hidden object games, the story of an enchanted castle will puzzle your mind and enhance your cognitive capacities! Download “hidden objects puzzles” today and start playing your new favorite mystery game!

This educational app is a real fun and an excellent type of learning games for kids with secret objects hidden in a room which provides adventure exercises to improve vocabulary, a great educational aid for children of all ages.

Hidden Artifacts to Discover –

The beautiful game design provides hours of fun while you have to search for a variety of hidden things like treasures, candy, fruits and vegetables, big toys, bear, coffee cups, cute little animals like dogs and cats, parrot and teddy bear etc. Search and find secret hidden objects in a picture of the mansion and explore the mysterious worlds beyond your imagination with stunning mystery levels and challenging puzzles. Enter a new fantasy hidden object world and enjoy one of the best mystery games on the app store.

Enjoy the beautiful world of mystery manor and test your hidden objects detective skills for a real 2018 hidden objects adventure.

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