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Hidden object game in Unity without code (using fungus)

David Sherlock
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This method is very basic but doesn’t require any code. The game can be exported to iOS/Android/PC/Mac. I’ve tried to keep it simple, I can add other examples if people need them.

You can download my finished version from the play store: …
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  1. hi can u make a hidden object game tutorials that finding recyclable materials? like lvl 1 ( find 5 garbages to clean the river) then go to lvl 2 find 10 garbages to clean the park.. then lvl 3 find 15 garbages to clean the house… only 3 places river,park and house… thanks you soo much.. i need tutorial for my game thanks

  2. Thanks for the video. Very useful.

    What if you have more than 1 object (sprite) that needs to be clicked before the level is completed? For instance, say you want the user to find three objects and then a menu will pop up that says "Congrats!" They then click "Okay" or something like that to move on. If this possible with the way you are using Fungus?

    From my current understanding, there is no way to move on from the completion of multiple events; only a singular event.

  3. could you use this to create a game similar to 5 gold rings? the tv show? or recommend a software that would be good for this ? ? thx

  4. Are you using a mac pro g5?. i can ear the fans 🙂

  5. My level 2 won't show up , can you tell me how to fix it ?

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