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Hidden Object Games: Coastal Hill Mystery – new trailer

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What does it feel like to return to your hometown and not recognize it at all? Find it out right now at

After installing Coastal Hill, a hidden mystery game, you will:

✔ IMMERSE into a thrilling story unfolding in front of you through more than 1000 interesting quests;
✔ EXPERIENCE fights with pesky monsters stopping your from seeking and finding free hidden objects;
✔ CUSTOMIZE your avatar: certain clothes have special abilities that will let you solve the mystery faster;
✔ FIND free hidden objects in over 39 first-class locations around the mysterious city;
✔ USE exceptional search tools in 7 game modes;
✔ COLLECT over 250 collectibles items (+300 more on their way!);
✔ BUILD Wonders of the World to receive important bonuses;
✔ CREATE items required to complete quests and banish monsters instead of seeking them;
✔ IMPROVE your logical thinking by solving tricky, exclusive mini-games;
✔ DESIGN your own mansion and get close to solving mystery hidden inside;
✔ RECEIVE technical support in a timely fashion.

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