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Hidden Object Games: Mystery of Coastal Hill City (25)

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Seek and find hidden objects and solve mysteries of a twilight town!

This object finding game goes beyond other mystery hidden object games. Coastal Hill hides lots of unsolved mysteries… Ready to solve the twilight town mystery? Seek and find objects, solve the mystery riddles & play mansion games!


Coastal Hill has always been a restful city hidden on distant island. You don’t remember how you got in this twilight town: the scenes look so familiar… As a mystery seeker, you’re solving puzzles finding objects & interacting with characters to uncover unsolved mysteries. Each character has an intriguing personality full of dark legends… Hours of fun & object finding games await!


Bored playing poplular hidden object games? This point and click adventure offers a whole new thing! Play hidden items puzzles on more than 39 highly rated scenes. To make it even more fun, the gameplay features 15 modes: from silhouettes & spot the difference to words & sliding puzzle. They are created to diversify your playing experience. Experience mystery adventure like no other as you search and find objects in a picture!


Finding hidden objects has never been so exciting! So if you’re a huge fan of hidden object games, you should definitely give this puzzle quest a try! This free game also belongs to the type of fun adventure games for when you’re bored. Just invite friends to play with you. It’s always better to play puzzle games with other fans of seek n find mystery games.

This object finding title is one of those free hidden object games where some in-game items may be purchased for real money.

If you have any questions, comments on how to solve Coastal Hill hidden mystery or do object finding, feel free to contact developers at [email protected]. Please don’t forget to leave us a review so that we could make our object finding title even better.

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Why is the twilight town covered with magical dome? Will you save the city hidden under it? Start this town adventure and find hidden objects in pictures. Off you go object finding!

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