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Hidden Objects Collection for Nintendo Switch | Official Trailer

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RELEASE DATE: 2nd October 2020


*** Combined value of individual titles on the eShop – GBP 53.94 / EUR 59.94 ***

The 6 FULL games included on the 1 game cartridge are;

• Black Rainbow
• Where Angels Cry
• The Man with the Ivory Cane
• Where Angels Cry: Tears of the Fallen – Collector’s Edition
• Farm Mystery
• Myths of Orion – Light from the North


  1. Peux t'on changer la langue du jeux pour tout avoir en français

  2. I want a game that looks like murder in the Alps for switch

  3. I loved these type of game's on the DS and 3DS so I'll definitely be picking this up soon :). Hopefully we get more coming to the switch. I'd love to see Dire Grove come to the switch

  4. I just got this for Christmas. It's one of the more challenging hidden objects game that I've ever played, but It's my first time playing on the switch, the PC hidden object games are so much more different.
    Whoever reads this I hope you have a good day and a fabulous year. Stay safe out there.

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