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Hidden Objects in VR – Agent Hawk for Daydream VR Hands-On Review

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Agent Hawk for Daydream VR is a new hidden object game that has just arrived on the Daydream Play Store! Find out in this hands-on review if the game is worth the budget friendly asking price!

Here is how the developer describes Agent Hawk for Daydream VR:

You’ve just been hired by one of the top secret intelligence agencies in the world. Your codename: Agent Hawk. Use all your spy savvy to uncover an intriguing worldwide conspiracy by investigating hidden clues!


Enjoy the beloved hidden object gameplay with a new and immersive VR twist that will make you feel like a real spy!


Move around realistic and highly interactive locations with a comfortable teleportation system and search every nook and cranny with your keen eye for clues and evidence.


Revisit levels you’ve already completed to find different sets of items for a whole new investigation every time you play!


Dive headfirst into an exciting world of espionage and intrigue with atmospheric music and environments.

This browser window will self-destruct in 10 seconds, so go ahead and hit the download button!


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  1. Hidden object games are a "fun" way to learn vocabulary you otherwise wouldn't know as a second language learner. I know that because I'm learning two languages right now.

  2. I've been playing (2D) hidden object games with my elderly mom for years. It's more fun when you've got someone to compete with. Call out an object from the list and see who can find it first. Or just look for whatever object each of you wants to, and work as a team to find them all and move on to the next scene. (Pleasant ambient music helps keep it interesting too.) Our faves are made by Spintop/Popcap and Jolly Bear.

  3. Well this game looked horrible, but usually the games I like have a point. It's about solving something, so you're finding stuff that you actually need usually to solve a puzzle or complete an objective. They're usually story heavy too so it's more of an RPG. That's why I like them (although usually only casually with other people, party game)

  4. I think that the main thing about this game is the graphics since, as you said, finding things is not that much fun.

  5. Hope u review daydream 2.0 with casting on bigger screen, notifications and Seurat

  6. It's more of a task then anything but it all became popular since Where's Waldo came out. It is to practice to find things and it can help to find your keys and things in real life too. I guess it's practice in looking for things faster. Some people like that sort of thing.

  7. I don't really know why I like hidden object games. It just feels fun to find things. It's kind of like a puzzle game. It's good for stress reduction, at least for me. With the 2D ones I usually watch TV while I play but of course that's not possible in VR heheh.

  8. In a lot of Hidden Object games, there's a storyline and the Hidden Object mini-games are only secondary to the storyline. I would love to play HO in VR, especially from Artifex Mundi and G5!

  9. I'm in the second room, an office, and I can't for the life of me find the grenade lol. Where is it? If anyone can tell me please, I'd appreciate it a lot.

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