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[ Hope Lake ] Hidden Object Game (Full Playthrough)

Gab Smolders
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  1. Gab, given that you seem to love point and click games and hidden object games…
    Have you played "Oknytt"? It's a really good point and click game inspired by Swedish folklore, with a really unique (and a bit dark) artsyle. I think you may like it if you haven't tried yet 😀

  2. Love the channel Gab, hope you do more point n click/hidden object style games and love your mug too ☺

  3. Omg, I love every time you said "HELLO~~~~, Gab speaking"!! Its so cute and funny, especially in that tone!! XD

  4. You should try playing Shadow of Destiny it has more than 10 endings

  5. Hey Gabi will ever do the old Metal Gear games the ones for the MSX2 and the NES?;)

  6. Hm looks not like the best of these games… the music got really repetitive for me and the riddles are to easy :/ the misnamed items are also annoying.
    But I love seeing you play these games 😀 you always get so excited and its fun to see you having fun.

  7. can not get past clicking on the phonograph. any one else having trouble. no other open rooms have an object or puzzle to play

  8. hi gab… when is next walk through for true fear foresaken soul 2?

  9. I like these realistic hidden objects games these the ones i play the most

  10. Wooow your cat same color as my cat but my cats bigger show your cat again

  11. Don't you sometimes stop and wonder how is the "bad guy" getting around this place so well when every room you enter you have to fix something first?

  12. I still have about an hour left, but I'm finding I'm paying much closer attention as we continue to learn that this HOG takes "hidden objects" to the next level… Or ten levels! 💪🤗🎺

  13. I've yet only seen about 5 minutes of this video, but the game seems awesome, exciting and so well made already!

  14. Food for thought: The original beetle's gas tank was at the front, not at the back.

  15. I dunno why but this music loop is harder to ignore. I think it's all the high pitched notes.
    Also I've rewound this video at least three times.
    What is this thing you call attention span?

  16. 51 minutes in and I still have no idea what's going on other than some dude is stealing ladies.
    Also things are exploding? Why.
    This series is my new K-2.

  17. I MADE IT THROUGH! Yesssss.
    Also- you should get a piece of pipe and paint it electric blue so then you can have a blue trumpet and Sean can have a blue trumpet and you can both have a jam session.

  18. What console is this being played on? I always check description but never says.😔

  19. Sooooo, is no one gonna talk about how the symbols on the puzzle at around 2:37:46 are from A:tLA???

  20. if i remember good the big fish games were really good, i loooved playing them especially UnderworlD

  21. I love the horror theme of this hidden object game

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