How to make HTML5 games - Hidden Object -

How to make HTML5 games – Hidden Object

Clockwork Chilli
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How to make a cross-platform hidden object game in just a few minutes using HTML5 and wade. You can download the complete project files at


  1. Lets be honest nobody wants to do this complicated stuff nowadays

  2. I can't get to my PC right now so I guess I'll ask, can you make cutsences where people are talking?

  3. @Ottsel girl: Sure you can, WADE is an open system that lets you do anything if you're willing to write a bit of code. Saying that, cutscenes would be quite simple and we'll look at writing a tutorial about that specifically

  4. @Clockwork Chilli Why I don't see my "cats" the black figures are not there?

  5. So does this require coding or is it like tyrano builder a visual scripter?

  6. can u make tutorial with game menu? and then this lvl1 and next lvl

  7. Everything imports and resolves correctly – even with the downloaded "Cats" game files you linked to… But, when I hit "Run", nothing happens. The black box appears and no game is produced.

    I'm running Google Chrome Version 58.0.3029.81 (64-bit)

    The newest version.

  8. Why is it said 'Unable to import hidden object game/: project name does not match internal zip structure'. I upload the exact zip file where I download from.

    Please help.

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