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I Spy Hidden Object Puzzle Game (Find hidden objects with me!) – Early Learning Directed Play

Little Wonders Playtime
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Join us as we play an exciting I Spy game where we hunt for objects hidden in a colorful fairytale garden. There are nine objects somewhere in the Mystery Garden and I need your help finding them! We randomly draw cards, analyze them, then search for them on our gameboard! We meet many little friends along the way, including a little field mouse, a unicorn and a blue bird. This interactive, play-based, picture puzzle game promotes focus and attention – it’s perfect for entertaining little ones, while being educational and fun.

Come join us as we use play-based learning to engage little ones! At Little Wonders Playtime we are passionate about providing calm, gently stimulating, play-based educational content for early learners. We love to play with toys, puzzles and games that help children learn about colors, shapes, letters, numbers, life skills, critical thinking and problem solving. Different from other kids videos, we choose content that helps little ones practice focus, memory and attention. We ask engaging questions to our little viewers to get their minds turning – especially with cause/effect and prediction concepts. Our videos are engaging, interactive and thoughtful as we adopt from several methods of education, including play-based learning and Montessori.

We believe in education but not overstimulating. Children get lots of stimulation so sometimes it’s nice to put on something educational and meaningful that is also engaging to settle the little ones down. Our content provides entertainment in a calm environment to facilitate increased learning and attention. We hope you enjoy our content and thank you for stopping by our channel!

We are a Husband/Wife team with PhDs in Physics. We have two little boys that LOVE toys and learning. After watching lots of children’s channels on YouTube, we decided to create our own that was tailored for learning but not overly stimulating or chaotic.

00:00 Introduction
00:55 Mouse Card
02:01 Unicorn Card
02:43 Lollypop Card
03:15 Butterfly Card
03:51 Humpty Dumpty Card
04:58 Blue Bird Card
05:29 Deer Cards
06:00 Wheat Card
06:46 Bunny Card

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