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I Wanted Elden Ring On Stadia But Got Hidden Object Games Instead – The Nerf Report

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On today’s Google Stadia episode of The Nerf Report we discuss Legacy Games bringing Hidden Object Games to Google’s cloud gaming platform Stadia.

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I Wanted Elden Ring On Stadia But Got Hidden Object Games Instead – The Nerf Report





  1. HOG's are fine as long as they are an addition to Stadia, and not a substitution for the kinds of games most people want to see on it.
    Right now it feels like Google are padding out that promise of 100 games in 2022 with kids games and HOG's making up a good bulk of the numbers. If we get to the end of 2022 and Stadia got 120 games, with that extra 20 being HOG/kid games, fine. If not, boo!

  2. Yeah Bryant, I think the exact same thing as you… Not very happy with this despite I fully support Stadia and it's my main gaming platform.

  3. It unfortunately just seems more and more likely that they're just looking for whatever table scraps they can get. If what the Business Insider article said is true and Stadia really has been "deprioritized", then it's likely that they're going to keep the service running on autopilot, occasionally adding whatever games they can afford with however much their budget is that month. They could always turn things around, but they're going to need a LOT more.

  4. I agree with you man we need something like Grand theft Auto on that platform and call of duty that that is real game believe me I love stadia but that's the games that we need so I agree with you I hope you get this comment

  5. I feel stadia is really leaning to the casual market. Not a bad thing but can easily be looked at like one.

  6. Really? Love stadia but there's no AAA games dead by daylight 2 and Elden ring where are you? Cancel my stadia pro last month and just got my PS5. Hopefully they get their act together

  7. So Bryant; I totally understand where you are coming from, but the world of Item Search games. Years ago; I started an account on Big Fish, because it offered free games. And where I was more into the City Built games, some of those item screech games were amazing. The stories they tell within the structure of the game are deep and engaging. Enough to bring back to a few sequel titles. I feel out of favor with these types of games as my library increased, but my sister and mother love those games, and use my old account to continue to play.

    For that reason; aunt these games on Stadia would give people like my mother and sister; the opportunity to use their service, especially if that means that they can play for free with the Stadia subscription.

    Or may not be for people like you are me, but there are hundreds of people who games are those shovelware style games. So while Stadia is trying to welcome these types of games; your comments are… Well, not flattering. Just because we don't play; or even understand these types of games, there are many people who do, and Stadia is trying to grab them into their ecosystem

  8. Google could just read the comments on your videos to see what it's player base want. I like stadia but its getting harder to justify the subscription price.

  9. not excited about the games, but some games are really made for the phone i think. I'll continue to support stadia but the games announced the last few weeks werent anything great.

  10. You failed to mention the one other massive thing these games have in common, mobile games. It's absolutely rubbish. Who wants to pay for pro 4k 60 for this 🤦🏻‍♂️ By the way, so much for the survey and all the requests for AAA games they had.

  11. 100% agree with you. These really are games that you can play on your phone via the App Store.

  12. Thanks for this great video I completely share your point of view. stadia really need to up their game if they want to stay relevant.

  13. I wrote the folks at CCP Games to see if there was a way they could or would port their old PS3 Sci-Fi MMO "Dust 514" into Stadia, but they didn't have any plans for that whatsoever… which is sad because it was a pretty cool game. =(

  14. Spot on! I want to play real games, not waiting room games! I want the type of blockbuster games Stadia promised to be all about when it begged is to sink our hard earned money into it.

  15. Smartphone friendly games that are easy on data usage and bandwidth do have a place on Stadia. After all, smartphone games are the fastest growing market worldwide. That being said, I prefer to play Stadia via my Chrome browser, so I tend to use different screens than younger gamers. I would categorize many of the games I'm seeing on Stadia as 'shovelware'. As of late. AAA titles are noticeably absent.

  16. Bryant, I need you to remake that thumbnail yourself for the next video 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Just like the Supreme crowbar, can I buy that Nerf Report shovel 🧔

  18. I was waiting to get a Series X (only had a Switch) and wanted to play Jedi Fallen Order found Stadia. I'll always have a soft spot for Stadia and continue to use it; but constructive criticism is needed now more than ever. IMO, 2 big AAA titles need to come to Stadia this year to breathe new life into it.

  19. I like stadia but the lack of big releases like Mass Effect Trilogy, Guardians of the Galaxy, Elden Ring, and other big titles is making me wonder what kind of future the platform will have.

  20. For real they could of gave us something better that's why I like xbox game pass and GeForce better. stadia is horrible at choosing games I'm no longer supporting stadia

  21. I like hidden object games and welcome them, but, you're not wrong.

  22. honest feedback is absolutely needed – We just have to be careful because to the "OMG! STADIA IS DEAD! LOOK AT WHAT BRYANT AND HIS COMMENTERS ARE SAYING! #NERFREPORTJUMPINGSHIP"

    It's such an uphill battle

  23. Hidden Object games are great, for iOS and android devices even Fire Tablets and or Android Tablets, I don't really see a market for them on Stadia. I guess maybe if they are going to merge stadia with say the play store so you couldn't tell if its stadia and or a real app. To me this feel like they are just trying to pad the numbers. They need games like Elden Ring, Hogwarts Academy so forth. Not this

  24. I completely agree with you. I haven't been fortunate enough to have rich parents, so I always had to work for my own money. I had saved up a sum of money by working and when I saw the trailer for Valhalla I highly considered pre-ordering a Playstation 5. But then I saw that it was also coming to Stadia and did some research. It was promising that big games like Valhalla, Cyberpunk and Watch Dogs Legion were coming to the platform. So I decided that instead of wasting money on a console I would just buy my games from Stadia and play them on my laptop. I also bought a CCU as well to have a console like experience.
    Everything was good.

    Which leads us to now, whereas there aren't many big games besides the Ubisoft titles that are coming to Stadia. And I am highly concerned for the future of it. I love indie games, but recently Stadia have been porting mobile games which makes me wonder if we aren't going to get huge titles going on…

  25. haha I really had a good chuckle "shovel? where?" 😅

  26. I spend lots of time and money on Stadia and they need put out some killer titles. GTA would be a good start. Personally I would like every Ghost Recon game since the beginning to come available for Stadia!

  27. I recall a whole bunch of free hidden object games like this were given away during the pandemic on Big Fish website. I think I have all of them but still haven't played a single one.

  28. Seeing a lot of comments from apologists. If the majority of the games are just shovelware then that's bad. There does need to be a good mix. Sadly, I doubt that'll be the case. I called it months ago.

    The worst part about Google Stadia is Google.

  29. I understand what you are saying but there is a need for a variety of games. Throughout the year who knows what other games will drop for Stadia. Some people might just want a game to play for an hour and that's it. Let's give it some time for the other game announcements.

  30. More games is good. I just hope they don't count these type of games as a part of the hundred of games they say coming to stadia. We have to keep pushing Google for the games we all want to play.. I'd love to see Google buy EA and 2K. they'd shake the gaming world up.Plus it'd kill the haters from ever saying Stadia dead again 😁😁😁

  31. Definitely frustrating! Seriously why don’t they have Eldenring???

  32. Very constructive video and criticism! 👍🏼 Very rare nowadays! You just got a new subscriber

  33. I totally agree! I got into Stadia to play the games my hardware cannot run anymore. It seems the porting is to much effort for developers and so we are getting games which will run on our old laptops and tablets anyways… I'm not interested in these games. Bring the AAAs! Better one AAA than a thousand puzzle games!

  34. Been saying this from the start.. Where are the triple A games? I mean to date I believe there are only 2.. some one correct me if I'm wrong.. This is what it looks like when a company isn't 'ALL IN' on a project.. Google still just has it's toe in the water of cloud gaming and wont jump in completely ….

  35. The technology of Stadia is really great! But we missed AAA games on Stadia. So i am afried that they never celebrate there 4 of 5th birthday. I feel sad about it, because it works really well!

  36. I don't think Stadia getting one game has to do with the games they don't get. I believe if they were able to make the deal for the big game everyone wants they would and still get these games that you do not like.

  37. The lineup of this Moment is really boring:/

  38. I agree 💯% with you we want elden ring lost ark GTA5 fuck the other games and we pay for those shit games ffsake so frustrating

  39. Stadia está más muerta que mi habilidad de ligar chicas

  40. Plus Google stadia just doesn't have the user base. I don't know what the problems are in converting games over to stadia. It's also a Linux platform not a Windows platform so harder to convert. I would love some of those games to be on stadia. I've been a member for a long time. I don't think 100 plus games of hidden object are going to happen. There will be some other ones in there but not the ones you're thinking of. No dying light 2 no Eldon ring. No lost arc, it would be nice but it probably is not going to happen

  41. Can you please do a comparison video between Luna vs Stadia

  42. I agree. I love stadia but it's sometime hard to love it. Stadia must show something and prove it still worth it. Thx Bryan

  43. Its a good thing but you are not wrong at the same time bro.

  44. I think you're a sleep deprived parent taking out your frustrations on stadia.

  45. Adam wolf is a good addition. Its great to play when my internet is slow since i mostly play stadia on the go.

  46. I played Adam Wolfe did not think I would like it but it was cool playing with toch controls but we don't need a bunch of them on the platform.

  47. Great time to aknowlage that alot of us dont have mext gen consoles but we do have the ability to stream games. Elden ring is A missed oppourtunity.

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