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Jack the Ripper: Letters From Hell (Hidden Object Game) – Full Game HD Walkthrough – No Commentary

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This game was quite alright. The puzzles were sometimes challenging and the hidden object were well hidden. The only thing I didn’t like was the sudden, but predictable ending.

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Story: It is London during the summer of 1888. On the hunt for spicy stories, the reporter Bert goes on the trail of Jack the Ripper, the famous serial killer that is terrorising the White Chapel district. He goes as far as falsifying letters from Jack the Ripper and sends them to the police. But his involvement in this affair soon makes him the ideal suspect for the police at Scotland Yard. Help Bert prove his innocence and conduct his own investigation in order to clear up the mystery of the White Chapel killer! Can you clear the name of the reporter Bert, suspected of being Jack the Ripper? Free Game features: – 30 sites to see; – Mini games: observation, logic, memory; – 2 playing modes; – Send scores online; – Sumptuous scenery: high definition images.

Release Date – ~2013
Genre – Hidden Object, Puzzle, Point- and clicking adventure
Platforms – Windows
Publisher – GameTop
Developer – unknown

My Xbox gamertag: Shad0wx54x
My PlayStation gamertag: ToughGamingGuyYT

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  1. Ok, so this dude (whatever his name maybe) just goes around doing nothing. And then he just does a random public service. I am getting that he's a scaredy cat and not really committed to his job, but with a good soul. And why does he seems policephobic? And also, is that inside of the carriage color choice always to be wrong? Ok, so to then go ahead in the story, the guy spends 10 days in the slammer. And because of the slammer time, he thinks about forging that ''From Hell'' letter to get back at those cops. I thought he had a good soul, but he seems to also have a spiteful nature. Then he got to the morgue, I don't know how he got access to that place. Bro, how about you take permission before entering the premises or accessing the inside of a place? And for this he again had to go to the jail? And then he finally decides to take photographic evidence?

  2. Jack the ripper letters from hell video game 2013 pc

  3. May I ask where can I download this game in mobile? I've played this before 4years ago on my phone and I finished it 100+ and now I remember and miss this game today but i can't find it on playstore.

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