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Jacky’s Hidden Items: Find Hidden Objects Game

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“Jacky’s Hidden Items” is a unique hidden objects game featuring the drawings by the beloved artist Jacky Jackson who celebrates more than 60 years of creation.

Jacky’s drawings are clever games painted black and white, with a unique style, humor and charm. Each drawing hides an element that seems to be part of the drawing but isn’t! Challenge your brain to see if you can find all the illusions of faces, animals, and objects in each drawing.

The game is nothing like the corny “find the hidden objects” games that you so commonly see on the AppStore. “Jacky’s Hidden Items” is an innovative and original game that has special gameplay, story, art, and design.

The game’s concept is simple and lovely and suits children and adults alike.

Special features:

• Try finding the hidden elements on more than 90 beloved puzzles
• The zoom-in/out feature enables you to better explore the drawings and find the hidden elements with high-quality graphics as never seen before.
• Each drawing is followed by a narration so even kids can play without reading!
• Animated levels and unique sounds.
• Use the hint if you are stuck.
• Translated to eight languages!
• Hours of fun are guaranteed for all ages – from 4 to 99!
• Jacky’s drawings gained a reputation for dealing with ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) problems in children and adults.


Jacky Jackson is an artist with a unique style. He has published his drawings in major newspaper publications such as “CARTOON NEWS” (USA), “VILLAGE VOICE” (USA), “PENTHOUSE” (USA), “ASAHI SHIMBUN” (Japan) and “YEDIOT AHRONOT” (Israel). He has been holding a weekly column of his drawings for more than 60 years, which makes it the most senior column in EMEA and probably the rest of the world as well. Jacky’s hidden-elements drawings have participated in and won several caricature competitions worldwide.

You are welcome to join the sensation of Jacky’s ‘Where Is It?’ – the most unique and fun “find the hidden objects” game for more than 6 decades.

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