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June’s Journey Hidden Object Walkthrough Gameplay #1

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June’s Journey – Hidden Object Game By Wooga. (Android/iOS/iPhone/iPad)
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A hidden object game for story lovers everywhere

Discover June’s Journey, the brand new hidden object game from the makers of Pearl’s Peril. Find hidden clues and solve exciting puzzles across beautiful locations that draw you right into the heart of the mystery!
Surprises at every turn, stunning hand drawn scenes, and a cast of glamorous characters await you in a globetrotting story game. From the heart of 1920s America to the perfect style of Paris and beyond, enjoy a story unlike anything you’ve seen before.
With every new chapter, you’ll sink into a world of thrilling mystery and exciting drama in a story to take you around the world.
Take a break from the stresses of life, and dive into a mystery game like no other.

FROM THE MAKERS OF PEARL’S PERIL – The follow-up to the hit hidden object game played by over 90 million fans
THRILLING PUZZLES – Hidden object scenes, jigsaw puzzles and loads of exciting modes. Which is your favourite?
MODERN WOMEN – Join June, a brave adventurer in a mystery game you’ll love
TRAVEL THE WORLD – See some of the most beautiful places in the world, all lovingly hand captured from the 1920s
ALL-NEW EPISODES – Just like your favourite TV series, look forward to a new mystery in each new chapter
HUGE CAST – Lose yourself in the wild and wonderful characters of June’s Journey, but watch your every step!
Opening with the mysterious disappearance of her sister, June must take her orphaned neice under her wing. Together, they get drawn into a mystery greater than anyone ever expected. Can you uncover the real secret behind June’s Journey?

Discover the follow-up to the smash hit hidden object game, Pearl’s Peril, and uncover June’s Journey today!

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  1. An mystery game all so June can finds it awesome way to play.😮

  2. ClubLooking for a great club ? Please feel free to join us at Detectives DL players, we give 2 drinks at coffee time 4:30 est. relaxed club, but take part in comps. Thank you

  3. Wow, this game fucking sucks. How do people play this dumb shit?

  4. Which scenes have a higher likelihood of obtaining porcelain materials?

  5. GLADYS PARRA 47 TE AMOR ❤❤❤❤👄👄👄👄💖💖💖💖💞💞💞💞💝💝💝💝

  6. Question she is the daughter of Pearl from Pearl's Peril

  7. I don't understand the whole building part.

  8. great game here! It's hidden object gameplay part reminds me of another stunning hidden object game called Coastal Hill Mystery game. Did you play it?

  9. Why i can not go to chapter 1 scene 5 ? Any solutions !

  10. I'm about to watch this now but why damn near 30 minute walk through

  11. Wish I could get paid prize boxes while I'm waiting for a new estate to open I love this game I'm addicted to it and I have found no other game to meet my time

  12. I got top of the leaderboard on the 1st 2 lvls. whether this is a cleverly constructed algorithm to make me think I'm 1st in the world and keep me chasing if some fake score overtakes me I don't know. Would like someone to play these lvls and confirm that I(FAST N BULBOUS) am 1st. Need infinite energy so can top every leaderboard.

  13. ok I am on level 115 🙂 whoopie. You cannot go to next level until you finish the one you are on, aka collect the two clues. However, I find it best to get all stars at each level before proceeding to the next. When you are stuck an cannot continue until you get more decorations you can always redo the levels you have finished. Gift flowers to "friends" they gift back. Save for big objects. Paving doesn't give much. Get rid of the old dead trees and rocks. It costs but you get those purple diamonds. "Watch" the ads. A lot of time they fail and you don't actually have to watch. Other times take a break for a minute. That's about all I can think of. Oh always watch add to get 10 point searches. Those 15 point search kill. Oh if you are at like the 4th or 5th star and you haven't got a perfect, take the opportunity to look around for the next time. Have fun.

  14. Ok. Getting bored with Junes J cause as one moves on, so does time, and time on this game seems to be a waste. Again, I would rather pay for the entire game upfront then to wait every 30 mins to gain energy point to play for 10 more minutes and ten more minutes. Two things that need to be fixed is 1. The positioning of the objects need to be able to rotate and 2. They need to be able to overlay. We can't put brick squares under the table and chairs to make a patio, nor can we put the train on the tracks. Da…

  15. I wish I started this game day 1 lol I love collecting seasonal sets. Wooga did a marvelous job creating this beautiful game!

  16. Geweldig, En zeer verslavend. Ik ben nu bij level 452. Probeer maar. 👍

  17. Έλος έφτασα το σκοπό στο παιχνίδι το προχώρησα μηνες και τώρα με πείραξε έξω και με υποχρεώνει να το ξανά κατεβάσω ελεοςςς δεν μου άρεσε καθόλου δεν θα το ξανά κατεβάσω πότε δεν αξίζεις να το παίζεις

  18. Thank you OGL @gameworks for posting these. 💕💕💕

  19. Im to the part where Sam June and her Neice are on the ship and June's wanting to tie Sam up and I'm completely stuck. I need help desperately or I'm just gonna delete the game. I hate to ive come so far. But it wont let me do anything to tie Sam up!!

  20. The English is atrocious on this game. Is it written by non English writers? So many items are incorrectly labelled. DO NOT LEARN ENGLISH FROM JUNE'S JOURNEY!

  21. It would be nice if they had actual voice acting and music between the cut scenes. I hope they make into a different style game someday where you could actually explore the mansion, it's so pretty.

  22. nice gameplay i love your videos but i watching in 2021 and i love your videos but i not subscribe you

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