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Kawaii Mansion: Cute Hidden Object Game – Imba – Trailer

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Loving cute game art and enjoy the pleasure of finding hidden objects in pretty scenes? Kawaii Mansion is the perfect fit for you! Tag along with Noah – a charming landlord who will guide you through the best home design experience as you discover the guests’ stories through your distinctive mansion design. Let’s get creative, shall we? (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

★ Game Features ★

★ Find Hidden Objects and Earn Stars ★
Use your magnificent observation to earn stars by finding objects in adorable game scenes.

★ Various enjoyable Game Modes ★
Indulgle yourself in multiple gameplays to keep you on your toes:
Basic Keyword Mode for the fans of traditional hidden object games
Intriguing Silhouette Mode for anyone who’s into something more advanced
Clean Cobwebs, Find The Difference to spice things up
And, prepare yourself to face all of the challenges above in the unexpected Flipped mode!

★ Create Freely With Home Design Feature ★
Bring forth your inner designer and keen sense of style to elevate the home design experience with your hard-earned stars.
Create the mansion that you have always longed for!

★ Heartwarming Storyline ★
Emerge in captivating slice-of-life stories as you follow Noah in the quest to get to know every unique guests of the mansion.

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  1. I love ! So cute ! I hope there will be a good story :p Release when, please ??

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