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Legends of Eldrichwood Hidden object game – Gameplay Android,ios Part 1

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Legends of Eldrichwood Gameplay Walkthrough (Android,iOS)

Legends of Eldrichwood by Crooto

Get ready for a mysterious puzzle that is Eldritchwood! Can you brave the hidden city, lost lands in these search and find games?🧐 Work on your very own criminal case and prepare for an adventure in searching games. There is a marvellous journey ahead of you, and it’s just beginning!😉

Allow me to introduce you to yourself – the new hero of Eldritchwood. Legends of Eldritchwood have told the citizens of this town that the Chosen One would come to solve the mystery and unravel the secret of these cursed lands in the seek and find games.🕵️ You are their last hope at finding peace!🙏

This little town is full of tales, mysteries, secrets, and dark romance. You are the detective that will uncover all the mystery case files in this hidden object adventure game and find out what’s really going on. Take your time to visit the mystery mansion or maybe even a hidden hotel or a haunted house and meet the inhabitants of Eldritchwood, and unravel all secrets step by step. Your brave spirit highlights the way and you can brave any challenge. 🔍
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