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Let’s Play – Dark City 2 – Munich – Full Walkthrough

V.O.R. Bros
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It’s Oktoberfest time in Munich, Germany, the biggest celebration of the year! But this year, the festivities are being spoiled by a series of violent attacks. The witnesses claim that werewolves are responsible, but that can’t be true, can it? Track down the clues and discover the truth for yourself…

Intro/Outro: RaminDigital

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  1. I was stuck on that slider puzzle as well, and then i somehow reached a point that matched what you were at. So then I could solve it! THANK YOU

  2. Omg the werewolf evolution puzzle took me so long! Thanks to your video i saw some light

  3. I gave up at the evolution puzzle. You did a good job, but it'll take forever.

  4. Thank you. I got stuck at the evolution puzzle so restarted the game from the beginning then followed your tutorial. <3

  5. The werewolf puzzle is impossible for me , it will took a lot of your time to solve it

  6. For some reason that picture in the doctor office gave me problems

  7. I figured it out…. The picture puzzle. You complete all peoces except the 4th row. 4th row solves itself when u solve rest of it.

  8. The doctors office painting is still giving me problems to where I only have to match 2 of them. How do I do that without messing the whole thing up?

  9. Does anyone ever got pass the werewolf photo?

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