Lets Play Darkness and Flame Born of Fire CE Full Walkthrough LongPlay HD | The Hidden Object Games - jumpgamestudio.com

Lets Play Darkness and Flame Born of Fire CE Full Walkthrough LongPlay HD | The Hidden Object Games

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Lets Play Darkness and Flame Born of Fire CE Full Walkthrough LongPlay HD The Hidden Object Games


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Welcome to Darkness and Flame Born of Fire CE Full Walkthrough LongPlay HD The Hidden Object Games

Alice was just an ordinary girl, till she found an egg in a strange chest. With just one touch, a firebird hatches from it, changing her life evermore. Now she has forced to leave her home, faced with a hazardous adventure full of wonders beyond her imagination.

So, can Alice summon the courage to overcome all that Fate has in store for her?

Darkness And Flame Game Series:

Darkness and Flame 1 Born of Fire:
Darkness and Flame 2 Missing Memories:
Darkness and Flame 3 The Dark Side:
Darkness and Flame 4 Enemy in Reflection:

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  1. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. that fire bride is like a pokemon ho oh lol

  3. I am so annoyed, I cant move forward bc theres a glitch. it wont let me use the flint for the fire, the interaction isnt popping up

  4. Bro how to download this game🤔🤔

  5. Le jeu bug dans le chapitre 1, au niveau du mini jeu, des disques animaliers à tourner, il ne se passe rien quand la solution est trouvée, impossible de continuer le jeu.

  6. I am glad for your help. But I think I got to uninstall the game. It gave me a nice prank. I did everything correct before watching this video, but I can simply not connect the handle and the head piece of the key. The game gives me a nice prank.

  7. 51:41 I did that, and it's all correct, but why mine isn't not open

  8. eu completo a missão dos bichos e nada acontece!!!!!!!

  9. Me decepciono jugar hasta un punto y luego hay que comprar. Deberían decirlo al inicio.

  10. Hello, thanks for the game guide, the puzzle of minute 24:50 I have done it several times and it does not appear finished, the pieces do not change color when I place them in the right place, someone who can help me, again thanks

  11. По русски пишите

  12. Уу меня вот застряла на картине где лотка. Все также получилось, но дальше почему вобще ничего

  13. Cuando llego la 1:25 minutos de juegos me di que hay que coger agua y en el video de YouTube lo coge sin necesidad de agua y una cosa lleva la otra y no sé como seguir el juego.

  14. Спасибо! Без Вас я бы не справилась)

  15. Thanks again! I’m recovering from surgeries, and you have no idea how helpful it has been to get pointers when I’m having trouble thinking.

  16. Puzzle pra pintar a medusa tá bugado não quer pintar o rosto.

  17. Hi I am struggling to recieve the seed as its saying it needs water where do I get the water from many thanks 😊?

  18. Do you know where to find the feather collectibles?

  19. I didn't get handle even after task why?😞

  20. Hiya, this is a great guide. I'm trying to get all of the achievements but I'm stuck on the 'virtuoso' achievement. It says I need to complete the association mini-game (50:00) inside Colin's house in less than 40 moves. I have no idea how to do this, I've been trying for hours 😭. Can you help?

  21. Please help me how to download this game

  22. Dónde has encontrado el otro pomo? 🤔Porque yo no lo encuentro

  23. Não consegui encontrar a terceira maçaneta pra colocar o código, mas no vídeo a maçaneta já está lá 🙄☹😒

  24. i pressed ''skip'' at 2:08:10 and i didnt get the part (handle) for the quiz to get the gloves for the suit..any solution???

  25. This game reminds me of a house of a thousend doors a hole lot

  26. Yo hablé con él y no me dió el manubrio para colocar el código 486 no puedo avanzar

  27. Wait isn't that the city from the modern day? what happened in the future?

  28. My uncle character is not showing i have to collect things what shall i do plz answer?? 57:44

  29. ทำไมเราหยิบเหมือนหัวใจสีเขียวไม่ได้

  30. Great video👍😀thx. Greeting from🇵🇱

  31. At 1:24:30, I’ve not figured out how to get the green seed. It says water is needed, yet the walkthrough doesn’t show that. Or does it? Thank you.

  32. I loved this one better than the lost land

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